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  • Justin Carpenter

Higher Meanings in Video Games Part 2

We've seen how movies and shows can have truth on display, and powerful messages within. But what sort of higher meaning can we glean from video games? Harry the Soul Coach and I will discuss the powerful truth displayed in even this form of media. We'll discuss all these iterations of the hero's journey and the parallels with life itself. This experience ultimately is a game that we're playing... A game that we should play very seriously, but also not forget that we're playing. And advancing in the game gives us more of the game to play with! This concept is replicated in countless examples of video games where you advance in levels after overcoming challenges - perfectly mirroring life in so many ways.

And this is Part 2 of this discussion! If you missed part 1, make sure to check it out here: Streamed LIVE on Harry the Soul Coach's channel: Harry's Site:


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