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  • Justin Carpenter

Heal-thy self with Re Know

This was such an informative conversation centered around health and fasting. And as a bonus, detailed notes and time stamps are included, courtesy of Nancy J! Re Know is a wealth of knowledge and experience in this space and I am so grateful to have him join in the conversation... If you'd like to continue to be involved with a group that's helping each other find the health within, please join Re Know's telegram channel and chat "Healing is a Feeling" Channel:

Notes and Time Stamps provided by Nancy J. Thanks Nancy 💛


August 17, 2022


0:00 Justin: Reknow has a new channel to bring his experience with the food journey

to everyone. He has experience with extensive fasting, John Rose’s juice

feasting, Dr. Morris’s healing protocols and his own experience figuring it out.

Experience is the best way to learn.

1:40 Reknow: From Australia; lives in Germany. Started a full-time search for truth

about 5 years ago; because of dis-satisfaction in body. Felt lots of inflow of

information without any outflow. Band-aid reality around health. Self-education,

self-governing (expands). Information spiritual war zone. Learning windows

opened (audio podcasts in a dark room, focused). Learning from Justin, Charlie

and Negative 48. Feels the food journey is a big part of our consciousness and

lives; once world situation calms the permanence of the food journey and

enlightenment continues.

4:52 Justin: Not often find people wanting to discuss the whole food aspect; how it

applies to every aspect of life. Sovereignty; cannot be free until we take full

ownership of what we ingest; treating our body as a temple, guarding it with the

gates. This is real-life, hands-on experience; the food journey; best way to learn.

The more we share our own experiences, the less lonely the path will be.

8:02 Reknow: OLDER EATING PATTERNS / LONELY PATH Spent 3 years being

very pure, wanted to know the answers, learned to pay attention to how he felt.

Found he was in conflict with many others around. Nearly stopped because of

this polarization (family/friends) around the way we eat. Speaks on the

community that’s built when openly discussing the topic. Expands on the

compromise with family/kids.

14:04 Justin: Important to be mindful of the people around us. Discusses the reward of

sharing our journey. Live the aspects we desire yet not imposing it on others;

make it more of an invitation to share these things. Jesus retreats to the

mountain many times, frustrated that no one heard (innerstands) him. Valuable

experience we can gleam from Reknow about living in home where the others

are not joining the journey.

18:54 Reknow: FASTING is a good topic; like to hear from listeners who do fasting.

Reknow felt guided to do it even when it conflicted with the family’s routine

(expands). Wants to share their energy.

20:52 Justin: Finding others on this path is a rewarding experience. Fasting is simply a

time of not eating and/or drinking.

21:44 Mary: Interested to be a part of a group guided fast; has experience in fasting.

22:18 Justin: Likes the idea. Fasting allows our miraculous body to take care of the

things it needs to do. Like sleeping, the body is forcing fasting (expands);

therefore, we all fast every day. Discusses how he intermittent fasts. Every fast is

rewarding even if challenging; disconnecting from the idea that we always have

to be eating. Talks about time in a day involved with the eating ritual.

27:00 In Joy All Things: Speaks on experience with master cleanse. Afterward felt

angelic. Ate raw for a year, trying to get back to that. Makes her feel clear

minded and vibrant. Need to have this experience to feel what God planned for

us. Non-raw food steals enzymes, full potency of the food isn’t getting in where

needed. Need to work with your body, love yourself. Food needs can change.

31:53 Justin: / Reknow: Thanks, and appreciates the sharing and ideas.

32:12 Reknow: It’s a natural process, letting go, surrendering; humbling in the right

ways. After the fast is tricky; parasites turn back on, etc. Found it difficult after.

33:09 Justin: In Joy All Things mentioned that the way we are conditioned to eating is

designed to slow organ processes down. As cooked foods take our enzymes, life

force energy; they are full of stimulants, spices and salts; our glands ability to

utilize what it needs in its proper form is compromised. Therefore, a transition

diet is so important (expands his experience). Takes time to recondition the body.

Sharing our experiences helps us to find the optimal route; back to the truth.

37:34 Bruce: Initiating change; crawl, walk, then run. Detox experiences may be

enough to turn one off from the experience. Changed diet, slowly moved towards

live food/raw; still with 3 meals a day, now down to one meal a day for some

time. Migraines are gone, cognitive abilities improved, lost 50 pounds and

maintaining. Recommends slow transition to resolve old poor habits. Keeping

poisons out assists your immune system.

40:55 Justin: Emphasize the importance of what Bruce said. Baby steps; it’s about

sustainability/longevity. It’s more difficult to change all at once; get discouraged.

42:09 Bruce: Adds that it is not just food; it’s the body, your mind and soul/spirit. Keep

the focus in all areas of your life

42:45 Gloria: Participated in an Indian Warrior Ceremony-4 days fasting-only broke

fast on day 2 with fruit. Danced from sundown to sunup and sweat lodges during

the day. The world looked so different coming out of fast. Doing like Justin, stops

eating at 7pm and not again until noon the next day. Now slowly reducing the

meat in diet. Feel she’s on the right path (in her seventies).

44:18 Justin: There is no age limit to turning this around. Tremendous benefits. All

aspects of our life.

54:10 Gloria: Look at how the world revolves around food; her life is changing in many

areas not just food, it’s spiritual too. Getting rid of junk and things we put such

effort into.

45:46 Justin: Agrees, organized society is designed to disconnect and distract us;

keeping us rooted in this world so not to realize who we are and what we are

here to do. Tantalizing temptations; images of food. Distracts us from personal

growth and creative expansion.

47:11 Maggie: Appreciates the emotionally safe environment Justin creates. Looks at

changes she wants in life/diet as an experience. Just by removing wheat and

dairy; felt clearer and more vibrant. Helpful to take level of awareness to all thing

we are doing. Appreciate the experience. Take from others’ experience only what

resonates. Does intermittent fasting/one meal a day/focus on raw. Doesn’t focus

on what is missing (old eating habits); shifting perspective.

51:15 Sandi: Eats no meat or dairy/fruits-raw only; 76 years old. Has H. pylori and

colitis; When she eats (11am-6pm)/8 C water per day. Still have flares of

disease. Would fasting help? Certain foods to eat?

52:55 Reknow: The exact question for my wanting to discuss these things. Doing

things right; need to dig deeper. Malnutrition is a common problem. Don’t just go

raw without dealing with the colin, the lymph, the acid/alkaline balance, kidneys,

thyroid, hormones. Have to correct these problems then eat raw. Fasting! Have

to stop the water flow before the dam can be repaired. Go deeper, like 10-day

water fast followed by juicing fruits and vegetables/herbal tinctures possibly. Start

with learning more; refers to Loren Lockman fasting, Dr. Morse, and

56:40 Sandi: Willing to do what she needs to do; also has heartburn.

57:20 Reknow: Determination. Sick of feeling bad. Educate, listen to your body. In the

first few days the microbiome is dying off and you may feel uneasy. Drink more

water but drink more slowly. A fast is a rehydration event to bring all the

dehydrated waste through system to eliminate. It takes 10 days to really get the

process going. Heartburn is a stomach acid situation; definitively something

fasting can relieve. We may feel worse at the beginning of the healing journey;

it’s why the concept of fasting is an act of faith is so important because just when

the body begins to heal the issue, it will feel like the issue is getting worse.

Counterintuitive to the left brain. Enjoy the pain of the body correcting itself.

1:00:13 Sandi: Should I stop drinking 2-3C of apple cider vinegar (with/mother) a day?

1:00:32 Reknow: Likes the vinegar yet it’s a good masker of symptoms. Does it help?

1:00:41 Sandi: Feels like it helps a little (expands).

1:02:15 Reknow: Most animals that fasting has been experimented on; if they fast

more in the last third of their life, they can live double their lifespan; that’s a rule

across pets. Fasting in older age can increase longevity. Water fasting is most

powerful (expands). 10-day water fast followed by 10-day juice fast will help. First

it was body oriented then became more spiritual. Challenges us to do 5-day

water fast, then evaluate it.

1:04:54 Justin: Adds with fasting, the important thing is in breaking the fast (explains).

Do research on this, water-rich fruits is your best bet for breaking fast.

Reintroduce foods slowly. Centers for assisting water fasting exist; water quality

used is vital. Distillation is the purest water form; spring water is good has more

electrical charge to it, helping hydrate. Variations in quality of spring water so

distilled is best in general.

1:07:55 Reknow: Distilled water, sitting in the sun, will start to develop minerals in their

natural form (expands). So many lies around natural processes (expands).

Would use tank water, distilled or spring water; no tap water. Plants get their

minerals from the sun, not soil. Talks about experiments related to this.

Everything is energy. Breatharian idea; energy is all around us, doesn’t have to

come from just from food.

1:11:35 Minda: Seven months on raw journey, mostly fruit. Helped with stomach

issues and inflammation. Physical mobility issues due to birth defect; uses a

walker; has chronic pain. Hasn’t done water fast, would it help?

1:15:03 Reknow: Had inflammation in lower back and tight hamstrings; deviating from

raw food meant real pain. Thinks raw food becomes stagnating after about 6

months. Good thing to use to begin. Dr. Morse herbs, maybe mono-fruit or only

fruit and herbs without the salads/nuts/seeds. What he would try at this point.

Three options, juicing, water fasting and fruit/herbs. These are fasts, not

permanent ways of living. Expands on his journey. John Rose mentioned, juicing.

Not a good idea to mix water fast and juicing. Water fasting first then juicing; best

way. Powerful point: raw food is a good platform but probably, not deep enough

for most to ger the miracle we want. Believes if one went deep enough on the

fasting journey, could even heal defects one was born with. Iridology, willing to

do analysis and maybe share with community.

1:21:40 Justin: Gives an introduction to the topic of Iridology. Study of the iris, from this

can very accurately see health ailments in every part of the body. The iris is a

map of the body (expands). Healthy iris is uniform looking. Iridology is like have

an extensive physical. Dr. Morse does this. Feel this practice will become

commonplace soon.

1:23:55 Maggie: QUESTION about dental health; root canals.

1:24:10 Reknow: Only from a did all the healing modalities and

suffered through mercury poisoning in teeth. In general, the teeth are a source of

heavy metal toxicity.

1:24:54 Maggie: Specific problem is after having two root canals (healthy person

before), doing research, shows root canal procedures may cause bacteria to be

able to get to the heart and cause problems. Thinks that happened to her.

1:25:50 Reknow: They drill through the teeth, which have bacteria on them that’s not

supposed to mix with our blood. Lots of people suffer from this. There are

dentists that use natural methods.

1:26:30 Maggie: Thinks she’ll try fasting for this; resonates with her. Had a near death

experience with heart a year ago. Expands on her experience.

1:27:56 Reknow: Asks about her having back pain/spinal issues.

1:28:04 Maggie: Not that she’s aware of. Speaks about instances where heart attacks

occur after root canals; same bacteria in mouth was found around heart.

1:28:30 Reknow: Fasting would definitely not hurt and be an interesting experience.

The body would deal with the toxicity better if fasting. The two continue

discussion. Intuition tells both to address bacteria. Expands on experience. We

are meant to fast. Intuition is best guidance. Talk about doing a group fast as

suggested earlier.

1:35:42 Justin: Intermittent fasting; way to introduce your body to the idea of fasting.

Try to go 24 or 36 hours fasting; practice. Short time won’t get overwhelming

healing benefits; just a way to help body and mind adjust. In nature, injured

animals fast to let the body heal; not weighed down with extra food. Fasting is a

free gift to us; allowing the body to do its thing.

1:38:17 Peggy: Talks about an enhanced energy website, testimonies, research, and

frequency healing. Shares her experience.

1:45:10 Wendy: QUESTION about getting rid of lead in the body.

1:46:25 Reknow: Lead is a huge pollutant, was used in many products; soils can be

high in lead, possibly where contact with contamination occurred. General detox

should rid it. Fan of cilantro/chlorella liquid; noticed huge changed after using.

Keep researching topic; water fasting suggested.

1:48:15 Wendy: Shares experience on water fast; adding maple syrup to the water;

controlled hunger cravings.

1:48:33 Reknow: Fasting means strictly water; natural protection mechanism in 100%

pure water. Expands. 10 days is the limit for fast. Essenes speak about lowering

caloric intake as being the key to longevity.

1:50:09 Wendy: Describes her water treatment systems. Asks about what is best.

1:50:42 Reknow: Would do reverse osmosis or distilled and put it in a 3–4-liter bottle.

Add clean nice mountain rocks and lay it in the sun; adds a good balance of

minerals (expands).

1:51:30 Wendy: QUESTION about the dangers in canola oil and ridding it from body.

1:51:52 Reknow: Psyllium husk and apple cleanse; juicing; bentonite clay; parasite

cleanse will all help to get rid of it. Oil affects the lymphatic cell wall of the

intestine. Best way to rid it is with a water enema (ancient practice, explains in

detail). Large intestine is all about hydration; needs 78% water to expel. Toxins

get stuck here during detox; may need help in expelling. Expands. Water enema

is good to do once a month. Fred Bisci:

1:57:30 Wendy: Asks for exact link Peggy referred to.

1:56:55 Justin: Wants to check it out before promoting it. Reach out to Peggy for info;

is curious to learn of her experience with it.

1:58:39 Guest: Colin cleansing; internal salt water bath; cleanses entire digestive

track. Explains process. Discusses bentonite clay cleanse used after. Bentonite

absorbs 50% of its weight in toxins.

2:02:28 Justin: Colin massages good practice, as she mentioned. John Rose

discusses this with respect to juice feast. Good to help massage/move things

around. Mucoid plaque (snake tar-like substance; acid forming). Nathan Mulder-

tutorial on how to do colin massages.

2:04:48 Guest: Ayurvedic treatments-Trithala-common supplement taken in India. – source.

2:05:57 QUESTION about aqua therapy, for those not comfortable doing enema


2:06:26 Reknow: Called colin hydrotherapy. Machines and facilitators; does a thorough

job. Doing it yourself have more control for what your body needs and its free.

Recommends it and also to talk to the people who work there for information.

Discussion continues. Colin hydrotherapy is just to help expel at the exit door.

Toxics are just stuck in the colin; toxicity resides in the cellular structure of the

digestive system. A rinse-through won’t get rid of it. It requires fasting, allowing

the body to rest and heal, drink lots of water, trust God and your body. We are

responsible for ourselves. Do what resonates with you.

2:11:54 Justin: This discussion prompted because so many are ready to embark on

this food journey. Link to Reknow’s channel Primary

space to share journey experiences.

2:13:41 Reknow: Those here are being guided; this is not a salvation pill. Great to

build this community, build up awareness. Using music and chanting is powerful.



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