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Fasting - The Fastest Way to Health with Special Guest Loren Lockman

Many of you likely are familiar with Loren Lockman and those of you who aren't, get ready! He's been a powerful voice in the health and wellness space, teaching about returning to simplicity with our food and the importance of fasting to really optimize health. His fasting retreat, Tanglewood Wellness Center in beautiful Costa Rica, has always stood out to me as being the best for guiding people through an extended water fast, to lead them to renewed health they might have never experienced before. Loren has personally guided countless beings from all sorts of states of poor health, back to a renewed sense of vibrancy and vigor. All through fasting and simplicity with our food choices as frugivores designed for primarily fruit and leafy greens. I've recently had the pleasure of meeting Loren in person at Jamie Love's amazing raw vegan gathering and divine synchronicity revealed we were staying mere miles from each other for this month. Getting to know him better has been such a joy and we decided it'd be a great topic to dive into! There's never enough discussion around how taking our health seriously through nourishing living foods and fasting brings us into our life's mission... To reach our highest expression as creative beings, children of God! To find more about Loren and the fasting retreat center, please visit:

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