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  • Justin Carpenter

"Disinformation is Necessary"

This was from a Q+A on Awakened Freedom Thinkers where I give a description about "Disinformation" as we see it in this Great Awakening. Why does Q say "Disinformation is necessary"? If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Thank you Roseann for these notes 🙏🥰

First level of awareness-World was created to keep us slaves 💥 💥 💥

Disinformation was created by the white hats 👒

Motto:Q when in doubt zoom out. Get perspective and awareness which is christ consciousness fully activated-it’s the aim of our lives

Why disinformation?? they need us to learn for ourselves, we cannot be told we need to see it for ourselves just like Neo in the matrix 🎥 we have to pull our own disgusting feeding tube out

Free will cannot be infringed upon

Normies feed off CNN 📺 or now fake telegram channels

Don’t give our power away anymore “truthers” have attached on to another set of lies just like the cabal did to us

Now we are trained on discernment, those of us that have been paying attention

It’s all bullshit now to make everyone uncomfortable so that we free ourselves from lies just like Evie in V for vendetta 🎥

Even though the war has been won 🥇 there are still minions running around to catch them

MUST zoom out

Free mason’s probably hate doing it this way and for so long but it’s because we haven’t seen it and continued to buy into all of it. They’re certainly frustrated with us to

God’s plan!

I don’t see everything but I trust God that He has it all under control

Q- what makes a good 🍿 movie-good actors ie Tom Hanks

So we would look into adrenachrome and child trafficking including Justin Trudeau they tried to piss us off and it worked for some of us!

Q1 Roberto who are the bad ones? Who in Hollywood are black hats?


Anyone who creates is on the right brain

Follow the money and you’ll find the shapeshifters When they get caught they get eliminated

Politicians have been eliminated or are under control

💯 white hat controlled now

Trump said fired prison or executed

Elena does that include doctors nurses?

Justin: We will address every layer of society

Should have done the right thing even if it was a risk of losing their job

Need to be humbled

Charlie said this is time to see where people are standing

Q2 Jennifer why did white hats want to make us angry?

Justin: Q working with project looking glass seeing with great clarity to see how we would react. Tesla found this ancient technology and brought it back to life. Now so dumbed down but we used to transcend time and space.

Q can see what needed to happen for our getting to christ consciousness by pissing us off learning about the children

Psychological ways to get out of the entrenchment


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John Eglinton
John Eglinton
May 21, 2023

Are the Clintons Good or bad


Apr 30, 2023

Thank you Justin. Great lesson.

Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter
Apr 30, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! Glad you liked it

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