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  • Justin Carpenter

Copper Keys... Opening the Door to True Self

What if we had prosperity for ALL and not just some? What if we switched from seeking power over others to empowering? What if we truly began to BE unity consciousness? What if that all gets to happen right NOW?

Let's dive into a deep discussion around these questions... Let's access the abundant nature of this heaven on earth reality that has always been and is available to us right now!

I'm beyond thrilled to have Lannette Jamieson join me for this invigorating conversation... She's going to share a bit about her story and her Afterlife Experience where when she clinically "died" for almost 8 minutes, she was powerfully shown her purpose on this earthly plane... To share this message of abundance and be a potent reminder of who we truly are... Angels who have merely forgotten...

And how does copper fit into this? What is the significance of a copper key and what does it represent? We cover all this and more!

Lannette shared her experience beyond the physical, when she "died" for nearly 8 minutes, how experiencing that bliss truly alleviated all her fears and gave her life a whole new meaning... As she remembered her true purpose, to plant seeds to grow into a union between heaven and earth, between angels and man. She then took us through the vision of the copper keys and how they represent a link between the crumbling old world of scarcity and into the amazing new earth of abundance. Which is in natural alignment with creation...If you'd like to learn more about the seed movement or copper keys either to get them or gift them, feel free to check out the website

And if you'd like to connect with Lannette any which way, to join in group meditation or to ask any questions you have, feel free to contact her here:

This was from one of the amazing chats we had on


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