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Conscious/Subconscious and Alkalinity/Health Chat 06-OCT-22

Here's a wonderful question I received on telegram and my written response, along with a show where I covered it in more depth. We also covered some good help on Dr. Sebi's recommended non-hybridized foods, transitioning and alkalinity. Enjoy! Q: @JustinCarpenter, I have a question you said something that blew my mind and have never heard it before, So any voice we heard in our head is ego? Can you speak a little more on this, so always? The right side is never Audible? I'm so Interested in this, again I've never heard this before . Amazing brother A: Exactly! Our left brain is our conscious mind, our thinking mind. So any thought (which usually appears with a perceived voice) is in our left brain. Our right brain is our sub-conscious. It can't be accessed by force, only by surrender. We can operate consistently in our right brain, without thought, but we've just been trained to stay with constant thought. But don't try and fight that! Just recognize that you are not those thoughts, you are not those voices. They can be useful, so don't ignore them, but just observe them just as they are.

So that's why when people say "God told me this" and they're indicating a voice, that's not true. God might lead you to having a thought like that, yes, but ultimately God only communicates to us through a layer. Through code or subconscious. Gut feel and things like that. Because God always needs a leap of faith to reach us, we have to trust to receive. And the left, thinking brain is not "bad" it just causes problems when it runs the show. It creates problems when we let it. That's why we give that 10% to God, we surrender to God's will. So that God can use the thinking brain for God's will. Then the only times we're in our thinking brain are when God has led us to that space to use it in ways in alignment to our highest good.

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