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Community Q+A With Justin Carpenter and Charlie Freak 19-Feb-21

Timestamps and Notes Provided by Nancy. Thank you 🙏

Q&A with Charlie Freak February 19, 2021

Introduction and Bad Company Song Video “Burnin’ Sky”

1:20 Charlie: Discuses song lyrics. Baptism of Fire. ‘My souls on fire’- Ignite our soul

4:00 (God consciousness) by raising Christ consciousness. ‘You are the key to my

desire’-Loving without boundaries is the key to raising Christ consciousness

within us. We hold the key for things to move faster (the plan) by raising the

Christ consciousness.

8:00 Only way Christ consciousness rises is through the Mother.

8:45 The temples, Father/Mother/Child explained. V=22.

9:40 Watch “The Matrix” again (explains why). At the end, Neo stays behind…Jacob’s

ladder (spiral staircase), door #303…Crucifixion–die of the body/left brain/ ego/

limitation. Third eye chakra-die at throat chakra to achieve 6 (journey of man).

13:10 3 (Mother),6 (Child),9 (Father). Pineal gland, the portal. Portal of the Mother

(womb) to the Portal of the Father (pineal) to achieve eternity, the 9, the divine.

15:45 Justin: Power of the number 9. Talks about what we are going through, now.

Rise with Mother to meet Father is happening the real time. The grand

conspiracy to keep us away from God. Speaks to those who are still discouraged

by current events – a choice.

18:00 QUESTION Explain innerstanding vs. understanding.

19:15 Charlie: We stand under the cabal’s created system, yet only God has authority.

They have legality – means nothing.

20:30 Justin: Created usuary system, modern day slavery. Harvesting of our sweat

equity/our children/contractual obligation tricks. Key words-I understand means I

stand under.

22:10 Charlie: The conclusion of the Lord of the Rings is the Return of the King.

24:15 Justin: Discusses word play and trickery. Innerstanding-taking information in to

sit with it until mastery, then its overstanding, we stand over it.

25:15 Charlie: The trilogy of the three words inner/under/over standing show the very

nature of the double torus field, God’s creation. (drawing of the single eye).

Relates concept to an eye. Be upon the level-med beds get us back to level, then

we have a choice. Level=Truth. Overstanding-shining the light outward. Christ

card-the King/As-King (explains narrative with respect to a courtroom).

Courts=Business not Justice.

34:00 QUESTION How does Russell Jay Gould fit in?

34:15 Justin: Sees the validity in claims yet not certain how much his role plays in

narrative today, hard to know.

35:18 Charlie: Has not researched him. Thinks content Gould describes is factual.

Speaks on egoic commentators vs. service commentators. Basis to Gould’s story

is important.

36:45 Justin: Timing of Gould’s arrival on social media fits into the story we see playing

out now.

37:15 QUESTION Explain the structure of the atlas bone.

37:40 Charlie: The brain stem is the only thing that passes through atlas. Atlas is a

capstone (completes the one world) to the lower realm. It has a protrusion

(opening to the upper realm). Brain stem and spine are two separate things.

Symbology of #5, crucifixion. An open crown chakra is a magnetic pulse (360

degrees). Atlas bone-end of the physical realm. Jesus’ death upon a cross. Dec.

21/Southern Cross – symbology. Dec 22-24, 3 days/3 nights. Krishna-Torus-Bull.

Everything is interconnected with everything else. Hermetic principle is the

guiding principle of all reality in every single moment.

43:44 QUESTION Are there dangers to raising the chrism oil at the wrong times?

44:10 Charlie: No, never (expands). Thumb=Earth, Middle finger = Ether. Meditation is

the key to Christ consciousness. Closing the circuit is closing the left electrical

world (left brain/5 physical senses) and transcending, transmuting into the higher

realms. The way to rise is through magnetism. Rise out of the body into the mind,

which is heaven. We raise the Mother by being in the state of grace. Describes

meditation and taking no thought. Baptism of fire. Ties it all back to the lyrics in

Burnin’ Sky.

50:15 Raising the chrism oil requires raising the Mother (explains). No fear, tranquility

explained. Combat any illness with meditation (ease, no dis-ease)

54:05 Justin: Point of organized society is to keep us away from our true selves

(stillness and silence).

54:15 QUESTION Speak on urine therapy.

Charlie: May be too far-fetched for many. Research urine (the process in the

body), reveals complexity of the system. Urine is one of the rivers in the Garden

of Eden, it is life. Perfect balance-balance is life (expands on concept). What

goes in is what’s coming out, garbage or good? Urine takes on the taste of what

we consume.

59:00 Symbol of SABNIK image discussed. Father/Mother, the Star of David, Diamond

in the middle. Unifying two worlds, upper and lower, always produces a diamond.

Must hold mastery above. References another Bad Company song, Silver

(Mother), Blue (Heaven) and Gold (illumination of pineal gland). Life is a choice.

Resin-natural oil from the pine cone, resonate (expands concept). Jesus Christ is

a river; a river transcends realities. Three aspects of water, always 3, elaborates.

When we create alkalinity within us, urine is our best friend. A healthy person’s

urine will heal almost anything. Its best if it is their own urine.

1:13:20 Justin: Urine therapy creates a circuit so our body can read what’s going on

with it.

1:14:00 QUESTION What is going on with high pitched ear ringing?

1:14:25 Charlie: [more on urine therapy: UR – IN – E Luck]

1:15:30 The ancients always said ear ringing refers to “coming into tune”, frequency. As

we continue to change in a meaningful way, changing our frequencies in the third

eye, we are hearing in the moment the change of those frequencies.

1:17:30 Justin: Everything is frequency and vibration and sound.

1:18:44 QUESTION Why can blasphemy against Jesus and God be forgiven but

blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot?

1:18:52 Charlie: That’s a belief system from where? Ask that question. Reexamine the

Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is Father-Mother-Child, in that order. It’s how the

diamond is created. God gifted us the promised land, Israel. Israel is Mother￾Father-Child. In the right order it becomes Raisel (raise the El). In the right order

alignment things fit into place the right way (explains further). Explains the

Essenes mind game called ‘Squaring of the Circle. Dimensions we are taught

about the sun and moon relate to aspects of this game (explains).

1:22:44 No such thing as the speed of light because the only thing that exists is here

and now; light is always here and now; everything is here and now (expands

concept). Left brain steal and can justify anything because it’s all facts, figures

and logic.

1:24:15 Justin: QUESTIONS about Trump update and the plan.

Right now, is radio silence because things are in full operation. Qohn Galt

suggested watching “V for Vendetta”. Our role now is to go within and step into

right action (gives examples). We are the catalysts to make things happen faster.

1:26:05 Charlie: Same filmmakers that made “V for Vendetta” made “The Matrix”

trilogies so… Mentions other movies. There is a divine plan for all of us. We can

align ourselves to this or fight it. Same allegories in Mark Twain literature. We are

taught backwards. Trust the plan because it’s God’s plan…(expands).

1:33:15 Justin: QUESTION about vaccines.

Controversial issue, free-will universe. Awakening is about showing the full extent

of evil. We must see and experience the fullness of the evil plan. People not

listening must go through consequences; must experience the pain so not to

allow this evil to exist ever again. Experiencing the repercussions of our choices.

1:26:20 Charlie: Talks about John and Bobby Kennedy-plan to free mankind. Brought

hope-plan got shot down, 11-22-63 (expands). References movie “The Called”.

Massive injustices not avenged-pestilence settles in the land. References movie

“Bubba Hotep”; thinks JFKJR is behind this movie. We have to avenge the evil.

Speaks on etymology of words in love songs, ‘baby’ and ‘darling’. Worthy-worth￾resin; oil in the lamp, pine cone oil.

1:44:08 Justin: QUESTION Will the evil monuments be taken down; obelisks?

Feels like when we realize the true meaning of these objects, we will want to take

them down.

1:44:56 Charlie: We could add the V of the mother to the phallic of the father (obelisk)

and create W’ everywhere; a symbol of unity, the womb/diamond (child). Turn the

penis into W’s; diamond children. Diamonds in the rough explanation.

1:46:25 Justin: Expands on diamond in the rough concept and activating our pineal


1:47:20 Charlie: Speaks about Santa Claus being the Sacred Claustrum (life). Third

ventricle of the brain is the chimney which leads to the claustrum, a cloister.

1:51:00 Mercy seat explained. Born day cake candles-taught to blow them out.

1:51:57 We have a circadian rhythm for every day of the week (expands).

Sunday – Sun (Soul) day – Father

Monday – Moon day – Mother

Tuesday – Mars day – left Mother and Father; war with self for balance

Wednesday – Mercury day – back and forth

Thursday – Jupiter day – approaching God

Friday – Venus day – transition day

Saturday – Saturn day – Sabbath, 7th day, stillness and silence

1:55:15 Saturn is the highest crown of all; highest form of us; 7th layer of energy above

us. NESARE/GESARA principles, We are the Santa Claus-the Sacred claustrum.

Night sky teaches us about us. We are the pinnacle of God’s creation

2:00:40 Importance of John and Robert Kennedy…tied to Malcolm X and Martin Luther

King (discussed).

2:03:00 “The truth is in the heart of you”, the heart of man. The only thing against us is

the cabal. Give them no credence, then we become the clear water revival!

2:04:33 Justin: The cabal will have to work overtime because as soon as we step into

ourselves, its game over. Yeshusa wasn’t the only one walking the earth

teaching this process Potential for mass Christ consciousness to emerge. We all

step into our God given abilities. Explains how.

2:06:25 Charlie: Agrees, God wins! Creation is inevitability. Sovereignty is doing what

we need to do, now, don’t wait. Division is demonic (expands). Explains vowel

chant for healing: [aw-m, aa-m, ee-m, o-m, oo-m]

2:11:20 Discusses the six brain waves: Beta (chaotic, radio/TV/microwaves), Alpha,

Theta, Delta, Gamma and Epsilon (delta, gamma, epsilon are God connected).

2:14:50 Justin: The five physical senses relate to the five vowels. Diet is a first step to

come back to our centered space.

2:17:15 Charlie: Med beds are a leveler. There is no true elixir except doing the work,

meditation is the key. Take the load of Fanny. Be a frugivore.


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