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Charlie Freak Q+A 28-MAR-2023

If there notes/timestamps have been submitted, they will be below the show video. Don't see notes/timestamps and you'd like to help out by writing them? That's always very much appreciated... You can reach me on telegram or on my connect page

Thank you Roseann 🙏💛

3/28/23 notes 📝

Justin intro

*Asking for help with notes or clips on areas of interest on rumble or telegram such as kromeo does the video segments

Or Passion for fruit 🍉 by Joanna

*again Justin is not messaging anyone about finances crypto etc

Charlie’s intro

*our calendar will change to a 13 moonth to reflect the trinity 28 days in each

Speaks of Jesus, Mother Earth and the sun ☀️ Son

* electricity ⚡️ fails it’s the cabal world

Our ego is hell on earth, the opposite is penitence and humility

*surrender to God turn the 19 to 91. We are here to fall because we have everything wrong

Religion is the opposite of connection with God


* dinosaur 🦕 farce

Night agent series synopsis

Manifest series and the importance


Question 1

Shelly 19 yr old fruitarian 🍎

Asks why she keeps attracting needy and broken people into her life that she needs to fix

Charlie explains in detail virtually all of the world 🌎 is desperate. They operate on whoa is me, all me stories. Tells us to stop giving advice because they don’t listen anyway. Focus on ourselves our journey

Then talks about the constitution and how most people would give away all their rights if told to


Question 2 Jeanie

Asking about not giving people hope in waiting on the EBS

Charlie explains that dates are futile God’s plan and he doesn’t deal in linear time. Life moves but it’s a still moment. It’s all an illusion. He goes into further detail on Monsanto and again speaks of the pertinence of manifest series and when the final episodes of season 3 come out it’s the mark of the ebs it will be telling what they show


Jeanie explains her life near the arctic looking up at the firmament, always confused about religion. Didn’t think Jesus was real…

Charlie responds that there were many Christed ones who literally walked the earth, such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed & Zoroaster

Explains about the optic thalamus who is Jesus Christ the light of the world

He spoke only in allegories so the demonic cabal could not hijack and obscure the truth

Be still and silent 🧘 and God will come.

2:26 Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s bloodline

And how the cabal has been trying to kill it for centuries and had it not been for the knights Templar and Freemasons they may have succeeded

More must listen details 💥

Jesus came to stop us from sinning to have eternal life here on earth if we don’t we are dooming ourselves to death..:more details on this

2:41 speaks about Pierre


Freemason always have a good woman, let’ fruit be thy medicine genesis 1:29

Jesus said “you are meant to do greater things than I” change the 19-91

From Charlie Freak:

"Please remember friends that Colleen and I take care of 60+ Animals here at our Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary, if you can comfortably afford to donate a little towards the costs of caring for our precious Family, we would greatly appreciate it...if you cannot afford to help, you can help in other ways, including sending us your Intentions of Love, of Strength and of can send a monetary donation to:


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