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Charlie Freak Q+A 27-SEP-2022

Notes Provided by Barb P. Thanks Barb!

Justin Carpenter & Charlie Freak Q&A: 2022 – 09 – 27

(2:45) Q: Is the Wizard reputable? (West Coast Wizard)

A: Seek the truth through your intuition. Speak only from a position of knowing the truth. Love & Light only follow the truth.

(8:05) Q: Is Charlie Freak Brandon Lee?

A: Absolutely not. Further discussion on not to hang anything on one individual – pursue personal responsibility/research/ connection with God and truth.

(13:57) Q: I am trying to get away from eating sugar but I really like it. Please share advise on how to change my diet so I can have a healthy body.

A: Everyone is unique and their journey is different. Discussion on karmic repercussion, free will, meat-dairy-egg consumption. Left = sin. Right = virtue. Learning to reconnect to God and stilling the mind on the path to sovereignty. Fruit & Fruit Juice = the best water source in the world. Addition to FAKE SUGAR & processed foods vs natural foods. Skin & hair type based on location on earth & closeness to the sun. Fruitavores, Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores. Cells are looking for a natural sugar = glucose = found in raw fruit. Protein is acid forming. The truth about Diabetes. The truth about cancer. Juicing & smoothies. The Golden Zone. The cleaner you get – the easier things get. Mucus is a sign that you are dying. If you are alkaline, you cannot get sick. Meat-Eggs-Dairy-Processed Foods = acidic and mucus producing.

A: (Justin): We are all dehydrated at a cellular level. We need hydration into our system. “Watch the Water. PH = potential hydrogen (hydration). The more alkaline the easier it is to get hydrated. Eat water rich foods = fruits. Drinking water helps with the flushing. Water fasts. The more hydrated – the more potential hydrogen (PH) – the more we stay in the alkaline space - the more we can be in the divine flow.

Recommendation for further health info is the HEALING IS A FEELING telegram group that has a live chat every MONDAY for collaborating and sharing diet ideas and knowledge.

(50:40) Q: Is raw honey from my own bees ok or not?

A: Yes. Raw and unpasteurized is good. What you buy in the store is SHIT! Discussion on: Pineal gland produces melatonin (honey). Pituitary gland produces serotonin (milk). The promised land is the land flowing with milk and honey. Honey is a preservative. Preservative means “protecting for eternal”. When you are taking a real preservative of God it means you are extending your life. Sacred Sacrum Claustrum = Santa Claus. Symbolized by white and red. Chrism oil. The bible is a textbook on how to create the milk and honey within you. Is there a physical Jesus Christ? YES, YES, YES!

A: (Justin): Know how the bees are raised for karmic relevance. Some people can eat honey when eating pure. Others cannot. It is an individual thing.

(1:01:30) Q: Any suggestions on how to help the heart. My father has been diagnosed with a rare heart disease and given a short life span. Doctors are saying that he can’t go off his meds as that would be life threatening. Can you provide recommendations food wise or general ideas on how I can help my father.

A: To rise, you have to get light. Light is all things. Light is in every cell and in the stars. The whole of the other side of the firmament is God and it is complete, pure, white light. Stars are small to avoid excessive brightness. As we collectively rise, the stars will get bigger and brighter. There has never been consistency with the size of the stars. Position of the stars yes, but not the size. Son in the sky (is the representation of JC). He is the rising son. Son & the sky only illuminates half the sky. The other half is in darkness. The duality is only here because we have fallen so far from God. Pain & suffering is not a punishment. It is a last shout out from God to say you are going in the wrong the way. We have been falling. You have to become Christ-like by doing the best that you can, by giving true love. Every decision must be done virtuously. When you give, you receive. Living virtuously is eating virtuously. If you are eating steak (murder), karma will bite you in the ass. Do things the right way spiritually first as that is the cleansing, white light of God. To get Light, get away from Heavy (meat, dairy, eggs, meds, process foods). Eat alkaline foods. Read the Bible. Begin to do the work inside of you. CHOOSE LIFE. You can’t get well in an acidic body. Charlie provides ways to encourage her father to start trying to get right with God and changing his diet.

(1:32:55) Q: How do I get off meat when my family (husband & kids) wants to eat meat? How do I get my family to change?

A: It is very difficult to go on a raw, living food diet when others around are not wanting the same. Be firm. Explain that not changing is a deal breaker. As a family, watch Not changing is living a lie. Do you want to live? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be in alignment with God? Karma = when you know better but do not do better.

A: (Justin): Eggs are binders in cooking and are doing the same thing in your body. Be Firm but Be Kind. Meat eating is a satanic ritual. Lead by example. Go with love. The more we let go of the lie, the higher we rise! Habits are our worse enemies.


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Paul Cerminara
Paul Cerminara
Sep 30, 2022

Great show. Great information. God bless you all. If most of food is poisoned and tainted, and Gmo how do we eat healthy.

What's the point to change our diet if it's all tainted.

Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter
Oct 05, 2022
Replying to

We just do our very best! Wash and bless the food well. And I promise you it's not "all tainted" past the point where you can find benefit immediately. Ultimately health is not about what we put into our body, but letting our body heal itself by stopping putting toxic things in. So look to fasting, intermittent fasting even. The satanic path is designed to lure us into powerlessness and hopelessness, that "What's the point" attitude. Don't give in to that! There's always a way out of hell. And it's within...

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