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Charlie Freak Q+A 22-NOV-2022

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Charlie Freak Q&A 22 Nov 22

0:00 – 6.30 INTRO JC

  • These shows are an opportunity to bring additional clarity to a range of topics and the perfect questions are always asked at exactly the right time

  • Help in anyway through Time or Financially- giving time for example to input the timestamps on all the various shows

7:50 – Q1 Freemasons - what is the actual truth and Charlie’s gnosis behind them? Are they patriots?

  • Truth community - hang on problems without offering solutions. Outside in reality, everyone is evil and offer only a doom n gloom rhetoric…in general.

  • God at the forefront of all C&C Teachings

  • Truth of Jesus Christ at the forefront of all their (C&C) teachings

  • 3 Godly groups

  • Priory of Zion – Designed to keep safe the sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene for DNA testing. Is a collection of all of the Grail documents and the bloodline of Jesus/Mary Magdelene/ Apostles?

  • Knights Templar – Military Arm - creating a schism within the Catholic Church creating the Order of the Blue Rose / Popes in Rome nothing more than Canaanites / Reference to ‘The Saint’ and Simon Templar – good v evil shows

  • Freemasons– job was to infiltrate all aspects of society to be able to become the righteous builders of truth within the disease of Organised Religion

  • Isaac Newton – misrepresented

  • Artists – creative and live within the right hemisphere of brain

  • This group of 3 all say the same thing – Inside/Out reality through stillness and silence to enable us to connect to and reveal God’s teachings and Truth

  • Only thing that exists is Here and Now

  • Left -brain reality / Cabal / Lies

  • Hollywood/ Music/ Entertainment figures

30:07 Q1 continued – Prince Philip and Royal families role in Freemasons?

  • Reference: Kingsman movies /Nightmare on Elm street /The King’s Speech

  • Hollywood filled with freemasonic Filmmakers/ Directors

  • Edward (and Mrs Simpson) friends with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Kennedy Snr

  • Adolf Hitler’s Germany

37:27 – 42:25 Input from JC

  • Common tactic to paint the Goodly and Godly and Freemasons in a bad light

  • Importance to not be attached to what we thought we knew and perhaps not open to the TRUTH. Being open to changing perspective and what is!

42:40 - Q2 How will we know the TRUTH?

  • Everything will be REVEALED

  • Being open to the idea that ‘I was wrong’

  • How can we show up and help – first address our own inner work

44:50 – 1:00:17 Input from Charlie (Justin at end)

  • How him and Colleen have been revealing the TRUTH for 5 years...

  • Hollywood contd… Begin looking at people in movies through IMDB - actors/ producers/ directors - who they’re all connected with. Connect the Dots to all these goodly godly people.

  • Reference: Mel Gibson/ Ryan Gosling / Cate Blanchett / Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under ..etc..etc..

  • Doing the WORK - Still and Silence the Mind

  • With Wisdom comes great responsibility - shining the light to the right way..

  • God is REAL

1:01:45 – 1:11:06 Q3 Did Romans fall because they killed Jesus (clarity from Fireside chat)

  • Romans saw the necessity for Religion – to hear people’s secrets and used against them to reveal enemies. Not about God but Control.

  • Jesus plan to surrender himself ( die on the cross)

  • Romans closed down the healing for the world

  • Romans were obliterated by 500 AD – not so. They simply disguised themselves to incense, beads and robes to infiltrate us..

1:11:27 - 1:20:49 Q4 What is the pre-Rothchild Language/ Rothchild taking over our Language?

  • Rothchild turned English language upside down

  • Reference: etymonline.com and artists Joni Mitchell/ Neil Young/ Simon and Garfunkel

  • Use of words and turned them upside down so that the words have opposite meanings to what they really are - such as Fine / Holly(wood) / Understand

  • Free will/ Leap of Faith – our work to become virtuous and be done with our Left brain thinking

1:21;30 – 1:22:42 Input from Justin

  • Left Brain thinking

  • Conscious thinking

1:23:12 – Q5 Animals and why they kill each other? Did Cabal genetically manipulate them to introduce an element of Trauma to Humanity?

  • Yes but not in the way you think

  • We are the pinnacle of all God’s creations

  • Animal kingdom is what it is –

  • Man is frugivore though we have carniferous tendencies

  • Putting Life and Light and Love first and being in alignment

1:35:00 - 1:37:54 Input from Justin

  • Create balance in a harmonious way and less need for killing

  • All God’s creations have a purpose – animals that eat dead creatures to keep earth clean and in a balanced state

1:40:55– 1:48:33 Q6 Chemical spraying in the Sky and dumbing us down and why it still continues?

  • God has won and why it still continues?

  • Negative affects of seeding the sky has long ended

  • Perhaps spraying Heavy Metals still – to try and awaken more people?

  • Son in the sky reassures us that we are LIGHT – and to go within

  • Same context as Covid – to awaken people

  • And how Govts /Corps have been so trusted! People giving away their freedoms hence why these key things still exist - Covid, Jabs, Vaccines, Election Fraud, Weather Manipulation and Chemtrails.

  • Midterm Elections Voting


If you build it he (God) will come – Stillness and Silence

1:52:22 - 1:55:40 Charlie’s finishing point /Justin

  • If the Cabal were still in existence with any kind of Power how easy would it be to have a Drone (filled with grenades) to wipe out every house in every country!!


  • Q - Everything is Being done to PROTECT you

1:56:15 Justin

  • Cabal has no major influence to inflict wide-scale damage, though their minions that are left have to think they have and that they still have a chance

  • Chemtrails etc still continue in a small format to keep these minions out in the open



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