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  • Justin Carpenter

Charlie Freak Q+A 20-SEP-2022

Timestamps courtesy of Jody Bodnar. Thanks Jody!

0:00 Intro

3:18 Justin on the Trump rally held on 17-Sep-22

8:10 Charlie on the Trump Rally

31:31 Being the best you, Sovereignty

35:58 Life is a journey not a destination

39:08 Tartaria, Revelations timeline questions

1:13:55 Trump rally and white flag symbolism for Germany

1:27:28 Trying to wake up family, Are natural disasters being “engineered”?

1:43:43 Is there anything to the date 9/24 vs 9/11

2:01:25 Jupiter is in Pisces now: A whole new world is coming

2:10:55 Cast your net to the right

2:13:31 Questions about lifestyle: eating, grounding, sunshine, water

2:33:55 Water Quality & water rich fruit

2:38:54 Ernest movies: relevance and comms

2:50:25 Closing


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