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Charlie Freak Q+A 20-DEC-2022

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Timestamps provided by Lyndee. Thank you!!

Justin Carpenter


December 20,2022

6:16 Lisa K - How do I support my children/family with their medical profession choices when I know what they are learning/practicing is lies?

15:22 How do I navigate in my relationship when we are in different stages and different levels of awareness?

33:17 Lily - Difference between Desire & The will to power?


1:05:08 Keely A - As frugivors, how do we get fruit in winter areas?

1:20:34 Derby Derby - Regarding parasites, diabetes, mucoid plague

Do we even need a doctor still?

1:49:08 Katie M - Regarding relationships where couples are growing apart due to different levels of awareness.

Will it get better once the reveal happens?

Will you do a show on Sacred sex and relationships?

2:07:13 Ended with Charlie and Gematria for

Winter solstice 191 💗🙌🏻


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