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  • Justin Carpenter

Charlie Freak Q+A 13-DEC-2022

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Notes provided by Nancy J. Thanks Nancy!


Q&A with Charlie Freak and Justin Carpenter


8:15 Charlie’s facebook posts about the NASA Challenger Deception

Explanation of events (of this war) throughout the decades

23:15 Justin explanation of why it had to be this way, why JFK promoted space exploration

25:22 Question: What to tell children about Santa Claus

27:30 Charlie’s reply to question begins

29:00 Summary of who Mary Magdalene was

29:40 The Story of Santa Claus

46:48 Justin gives practical suggestions to talking with children about these Higher Truths

51:17 Charlie suggests an activity concerning gifts


Santa brings us closer to God

54:12 Comments on series Lucifer, season 3 episode 14

Da Vinci code and other information/Tom Hanks is a National Treasure

Freemasons/Knights Templar


Black hats don’t reveal truth

1:02:15 QRST

Who Jesus is

1:04:20 Question: EBS date? What can you tell us?

1:05:15 Charlie’s reply

Not connected to Q

Obvious we are on the cusp

Huge event has to happen… Putin/Economy

Best we can do is be okay not knowing

Describes what he thinks it will be like

New system installed


Change will be for the better

Patience and Trust in God

1:13:05 Justin’s reply

Point is rebuilding our connection to God

Letting go of attachments

Distractions that prevent our connection

The more we do now the better we will be able to help others

Building the connection within, naturally our frequency rises

We are to help reduce the causalities

It’s not time yet to build the new earth, time to connect ourselves within

Everything that happens is to help us to rise

Stay in present moment

1:22:13 Questioners follow up: Will we have new laws? Amnesty for those in other countries?

1:23:15 Charlie’s reply

Yes, new laws

Simple life, we are here to discover who we are

What can we do to serve God in this creation

Describes what it might look like

Art of receiving comes from giving


Nation states do not exist now

1:33:05 Justin’s reply

God’s laws are simple, we’ve known them always

1:33:50 Question: Why won’t 4-6% make it?

1:34:24 Justin’s reply

Levels of psychosis of population

People who will not or cannot accept the truth of things

People who refuse ego death / cannot let go of worldly idols

Important to build our connection to help save more people

Bringing people back to their connection with God

The brighter we shine the better for all

Allow everyone to make their choice and accept it

Keep our focus and build our light in this time before it begins

Talks about preparing for the upcoming solstice

1:45:53 Charlie’s reply

Some people are so far gone from knowing themselves

Be non-judgmental to those

Learning of how we participated in the evil, some may not be able to accept

Runs the numbers of the 4-6%

Living in the truth

The new system will bring some hope

1:50:45 Question: Are we waiting for the collective consciousness to reach a certain point and what can I do ? Are we to just watch the show and eat popcorn?

1:52:22 Charlie’s reply

The show is not for us/meant for those who are caught up in the movie

We are not to participate in the cabal’s world

Discusses food/covid/masks

Trust in God/God is healing and health

Do the work/keep an open mind

The shape of the earth is important

Firmament reverberates our consciousness

Being at the precipice

Cell regeneration in 11 months

Discusses fruit manipulation/hybrids

Real food (unmodified seed) is ready

Get a backpack and travel once this comes

Learn by doing and meeting people from all over the earth

Do the inner work now/keep being kind

Everything we do matters/reverberation off the firmament

2:07:59 Justin’s reply

Q phrases were used to keep the peace within society

Not to instill a level of complacency within us

We are to do the work

Breathing properly/Meditate/Turn off the media world

Connect with God and live our lives

Do not let the physical reality overwhelm us

2:13:00 Charlie’s closing remarks and upcoming Friday show

Righting the wrongs

Another set of notes provided by "Not a Fan- Christ is King!" Thank you!


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