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Charlie Freak Q+A 11-OCT-2022

Timestamps Provided by Jody Bodnar. Thanks Jody!




Charlie Freak opening thoughts.


JK Rowling article - discussion on pedophilia and transgenderism.


Crimea bridge down and discussion about the escalation we are witnessing.


Charlie on Ricky Gervais, Hollywood and music industry.


Charlie comments further on Tom Hanks.


Will the Nov. 8th midterm elections be cancelled?


Mary's thank you and experience since listening to Charlie.


Will this final event where the truth is exposed give those who are still asleep a chance to align with the light?


How alkaline do we need to be? Is 7.25 adequate?


What about the chakras? How do I get out of my root chakra?


Living without TV before covid and it was easier. Discussing how the TV makes life hard.


Talking about movies and their messages and UCLA and SCTV alumni.


There can be two meanings in fear. Forget everything and run or face everything and rise.



Timestamps/Notes provided by Nancy J. Thanks Nancy!

Q&A with Charlie Freak and Justin Carpenter Oct 11, 2022

0:00 Justin: INTRODUCTION and housekeeping. Request for timestamp, notes and video-editing contribution. Justin’s telegram username is @JustinCarpenter.

3:06 Charlie: Charlie and Colleen committed to telling the truth. Discusses todays (10/11/22) FB post (under Colleen Kyllo). Looking at what the beliefs about persons of interest were 5 years ago. C&C teach that God is real; this is His creation and we are the pinnacle of His creation and there is a grand purpose for us. Need to take this life seriously if we want to receive the rewards and gifts that have been laid out for us. This is for those willing to strap on the armor of God. 11:11. God has need of the strength of inside each of us. The strength is when we stand up to the lie and tell the truth.

7:45 Talks about another of his FB posts today. Reads an article in the Daily Wire, entitled, ”JK Rowling Takes Apart Genderists for Excusing Pedophilia Apologist Trustee of the Children’s Charity”. …JK Rowling argues transgenderism is trying to erase women… This won’t last.

11:20 Talks about another thread Charlie started on FB last Thursday (10/6/22). Ukraine bridge down… 2020 election… God already won. What we are seeing the past 4 months, 6 weeks and last 10 days is a constant escalation of trusted (to the masses) names and sources, Rogan, Peterson, Sears, Brandt, suddenly have only been telling truth. Some seemed to turn abrupt face to telling the truth… This ties into the show “The Truth about Tom Hanks and the show the week before about the Ron Howard movie.

16:00 Fallout from last Friday’s show… Charlie is teaching us how to think for ourselves, how to do research…how to know something that you think you can’t possibly know. The majority of truthers are just exchanging one extreme set of beliefs for another extreme set of beliefs… Now, the vast majority in the anon community and dominate in the truth community, are saying that everything is evil and there is no good in the world…Q team…they know someone is out fighting for them so they don’t have to… If we know one thing then we can extrapolate from that one thing anything that connects to that one thing consistently. Speaks about next Friday’s show on Ricky Gervais…(more). Why Ricky didn’t have consequences for his monologue? … The vast majority who called everything a conspiracy theory has flipped and are now calling out everybody else who doesn’t agree with them; and now everyone is evil (more).

22:02 Talking about Jim Morrison… We can only judge someone’s character is by their actions, the work that they do, the measure of any man or woman. Morrison’s body of work shows he tried to help people open their minds…God is real, all else is an illusion…we need to rise…through the celebration of the sacred feminine. Talks about “The Doors” and the songs, etc. … Not just Jim Morrison, they all white hats, all knew what they were getting into…Ray Manzarek, at UCLA [correction it is USC] film school with Jim Morrison. In that same time UCLA was getting lots of people in their film school including Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma. Steven Spielberg applied but didn’t get in. This group has strong ties outside of film industry and with the music industry. They were all suddenly beginning to appear around the same time.

25:00 Charlie has shown us this group all have connections to one another. They are all Freemasons or aligned with the Knights Templar or Priory of Sion… years ago Freemasons were viewed as pure evil by the truth community… (more). Speaks about last Friday’s show about Tom Hanks. Showing the body of work of these people all do one thing; reveal the cabal while celebrating the truth of God and God’s Creation through the way of Jesus Christ. That is what these films show… Tom Hanks entire life’s work… trail of what is supposed to be Hanks on Twitter etc. … bringing an awareness to what was being alleged in the Q community; child trafficking is real…

Adrenochrome…references to vampires…Hanks had a paper trail linking back to him…

(talks about past information given about Hanks). ‘That Tom Hanks’ quit posting after the arrest and execution Charlie spoke to us about (more).

30:00 Q has made reference to the fact there are ‘others’ who post to certain social media accounts. The actor Tom Hank has been continuing his work. The work has gone further into connection and truth to God and a massive unveiling of the lies and the world of the cabal (expands). People struggling with all this information C&C shared a few years ago…orange man bad idea…our growth has been slow…no film Hanks has done promoted evil…roles, characters, actions in these movies…Hanks became famous quickly because he was meant to…look at how he got the part in “Splash”.

Ron Howard did “Splash”, choosing an actor out of nowhere?? Tom Hanks?? White hats infiltrating cabal…Q said…Q plan…globe earth…(more).

35:25 We are not at fault until we hear the truth and then deny it (expands). [When we know the truth; we can see the lie]… (Goes through Ron Howard’s bio)…(John Candy).

(more on how to see/know the truth). Know better and choose not to do better; karmic moment. (more). None of this is coming from C&C’s personal genius, it comes from God (more). C&C ridiculed for telling the truth. We all were born in an upside-down world, full of venomous lies. When we know better; we must do better. It takes time to process new/conflicting information; to become ready, willing, and able. Why Charlie showed us how to connect the dots, how to connect this to everyone around these people then suddenly we see either good or evil community. With regard to Tom Hanks, the group who has been telling the biggest truths all along. Joe Kennedy, created his own film studio in the 1920’s. That film company became RKO Enterprises, which became RCA. In Hollywood now there are massive production companies only producing goodness. Lions Gate Films a key producer. Village Roadside Productions, “V for Vendetta” and “Matrix” movies. If not aware of this; it’s on us. Verify for ourselves. Speaks about the negative comments received from the Tom Hanks show last Friday. C&C have shown us it’s never been one-sided; it’s been a war the whole time; [infiltration]…

46:30 WE are taking down the hydra, it is multi-headed. Mainstream media, Social media, the News, TV, Movies, Entertainment as a lark, Economics, Food etc. are different heads of the same hydra, poisoning us…physically and metaphysically. Lies are toxification and C&C only deal in the truth…

47:25 Where are we? Events between Russia and Ukraine, verge of WWIII. The window of opportunity for us to choose which side to be on is closing. This isn’t Charlie’s imposition on us; sharing what is obvious. Our mirror is being broken so we can no longer straddle both sides of the fence. Time to declare ourselves. Speaks more on the reaction to the past show on Hanks… courage, strength, honor and integrity weren’t mentioned. When we know better, we must do better. If we don’t karma will bite us…the window of opportunity for dharma or karma is over; history is over. All that exist now are the failing moments of a sick and diseased idea that has gone very wrong. In its dying moments of existence…we are now left with a choice we cannot avoid…pretending to be righteous…only trading one set of extreme beliefs for another…extremity will never get a solution, doesn’t connect us to the Mother which is the middle way…eternal life. Extremity won’t get us to Jesus Christ, who walked the middle way…won’t know God who is stillness and silence, who is DI, which is di-electricity, which means perfect balance. We must heal these extremities within us, acknowledging there is good and bad. In the bad there is hope that they can become good. We must shine our light for them. In the bad there must be good who are attempting to undermine their evilness and their evil society for that which is righteous and better. The only way to take down the hydra of the cabal is to infiltrate it. They created it. God and the Mother created the earth, cabal created the world. All the world has been built upon lies and C&C don’t judge us for our reactions. They love us… (Speaks further showing how the ego shows up here.) WWIII was always meant to be the ‘war to end all wars’… Everything we are watching now is old footage…it’s all been a lie. The moments for us to choose wisely are evaporating. Get on the righthand side of all things by being considerate; take time; don’t’ rush to judgement. That’s what the cabal taught us to do, satanism is a rush to judgement. Jesus is anti-judgement. Courage, authenticity, strength, honor, compassion, sympathy and empathy.

54:30 If we do not exude these things, we have made our choice. Book of Matthew and Book of Revelation shows done to show us what is coming… The Great Awakening is the Great Reveal. The Book of Revelation is for right now and is very straightforward on a certain level…is we feed from the Babylon teat we are going down…if we can’t see the light every day, all the miracles happening…it means the light is not on within us…

Darkness can’t exist when light is present; it’s an illusion to show us all that matters is the Light of God. Not a punishment, a reward to show us the way, so when we know better; we do better. Can avoid all this heartache and suffering if we simply open our mind’s eye, the third eye, which doesn’t judge, it sees that which is, and that which isn’t. These are not easy subjects, but the most important subjects somebody has to teach us… the whole truth. Not being asked to be perfect; just to try. Because once we know better, and we do better and we try; it doesn’t matter if we fall down; God knows we will get back up and keep trying and slowly get higher and higher and find we’re on the path of the straight and narrow and there is no turning back. We have gone past a certain point and temptation will no longer haunt our ways. Why C&C are here to help in this. It is just the way things are. There is only one judgement day. God doesn’t sit in judgement of us at all until this now. Now is the time He will apply judgement. We’ve had millions of years to go around the wheel and determine where we stand…now is the harvesting of what we’ve sown. We must open our minds eye; the eye that sees all that judges not and has the courage to try harder and do better. We are at the edge of the precipice. Pray that we choose and choose wisely.

59:51 Justin: Encapsulating things, refers to responses he shared on his telegram. Reads the comment from Benjamin Carter…(listen to it)…cannot connect the dots looking forward only looking back…trust the dots will connect for you in the future…

clear we were meant to believe these events occurred in 2020 to spread that narrative around…succeeded…no place for pride, ego or vanity in this space…we learned we can only turn on our inner light…(compares to covid believers)…ego hates change…reflection of the collective community…no shame in admitting we are wrong.

Connecting the dots backwards; future proves past. Trust in God. Pray for the energy, strength and clarity to navigate through life’s challenges. Justin reads his other response: unwillingness to consider information that goes against our belief is exactly the reason we are all in this enslavement. We attach ourselves to narratives and identify with them…makes us easily tricked…solution is to not be attached to ideas. Stand firm on what we know but always be willing to reexamine your position. Truth fears no investigation; no line of questioning. Question is the Quest I Am On, or the quest to flip the single eye on…(way more). Faith or fear? This is helping to bring clarity to our space in these moments. If ready to embrace the true learning process, not simply attach ourselves to ideas or idolizing anybody…if still in this space will be drug back to hell. Purposeful. If still pissed off by contrary information; then we don’t know…still operating in the ego, firmly controlled. Sit with this and be mindful of our triggers. Triggers are an invitation to do some real deep shadow work to address the egotistical hold on our reality and work through it.

1:07:25 Melissa A: Thanks Charlie, Colleen and Justin for teaching us. Uncovering lots of things we need to know. QUESTION Will November (2022) elections happen?

1:08:20 Charlie: Cannot give any specific information with regard to that. There are two ways that November could go… Have had the five months in a row with something significant on the 8th of each month…Oct was the bridge in Crimea burning…election set for Nov 8th. Bet that something is going to happen then. Two ways it can play out…

(sets backdrop to 2020 election)…we were looking for 90+% Trump victory in 2020…

All the talk about Trump 2024 is garbage because it cannot be allowed to happen. One reason is the military protocol…11.3, 11.4 comms…Book of Warfare… Military are in a bind with the 2024 election approaching , and they were present for the 2020 election, and allowed (it looked like, really it didn’t) the black hat plan to be played out by the white hats. Military has a legal responsibility to address the foreign takeover of the US, which it what occurred during the 2020 election. That’s what also happened in 1871, so it goes back to 1871. The military has to deal with this before the 2024 election. Never going to get there. With the Russia/Ukraine war everything is being pushed to now.

1:13:04 Today is 10/11/2022… gematria is 111, 222… adding them gives 333. Adding 111+222+333=666. Today is 666, officially at the brink of destruction. What we choose next is our brink of destruction…now up to each of us to make our choice. Today is the only day in our history that is 666. We are either that of a man or that of a beast. A man rises to God in Heaven. (Man and Woman) A beast falls into the fiery lake to realize it’s just an illusion. Just let go of misplaced anger and judgement. Be part of that which is right and fair and kind…part the red sea…put others first…do what is right. From Oct 8 to Nov 8 are crucial days. Either they go ahead with the election (mid-term) and it will be a red wave annihilation… democracy speaking… if allowed the MSM will call the election rigged and to start an investigation. Or, the military intervenes, suspends the elections, reveals that we’ve been living in a military state…we’ve been abducted…

The military is responsible for restoring law and order, God’s law and order… show trials…can’t tell us either way. With the Q plan, QRST plan, it has never been clear to us looking outside in…we won’t know. Know that it is Christ’s (QRST) plan…

1:18:16 Justin: Echoes the possibilities stated. No definitive information. Every day we are one step closer and every day it really doesn’t matter that much…paying attention to what is going on in the world is important, ultimately the awakening is about us realizing who we are and what we are here to do. Now we are to make this choice. Find the spaces within our lives to really hone in on letting go of any darkness inside. This [war] will accelerate…timeline is a guess…don’t get distracted by the possibilities and the guesses of what will happen… this time is about going within and doing the inner work, trust this.

1:19:55 Charlie: What Justin said is so important…since we are on the brink, paying attention to the world is the opposite of what we are to be doing… If we have aligned to the righthand side, nothing to worry about… all we can control is ourselves; when we have that level of trust in God there is a light that begins to shine inside of us, it has to. That what Jesus taught, our job is not to feed the multitudes, it is to have five loaves and two fish. The two fish are that glow of oil inside our head…jack-o-lantern…our head is the lantern of God…when illuminated from within, others can sense that God is real., good, and great. We are not to carry the world’s weight on our shoulders…just to create the two fish with the five loaves. We have the five loaves, the two fish come by trusting perfectly in God…we can only control us…it’s what is. The way we help others is to make our light the purest and the most risen it can possibly be…Talks about their complete commitment to this path…catches on…Freaksense family. Speaks about Benjamin’s wisdom (letter Justin read).

1:24:44 Post from Amy333; did gematria on Charlie’s statement “Tom Hanks is a white hat.” 224…(many good ones!) Q teaches, how many coincidences…misinformation is necessary…284’s…213’s…choose wisely.

1:28:56 Speaker: 22x4=88…88’s. Charlie adds Iesous (Jesus) is 88.

1:29:45 Mary: Just thanks Justin, Charlie, Colleen and Eugene. A heartfelt thankyou and has given up meat, dairy and eggs since she started listening. Knows God is working in her. Thanks for telling the truth and showing people how to find God in this life. It is very important what you are doing. When you follow God all you have to do is trust in Him and the worries fall away. Shares about the changes she has noticed…finding the divine feminine…just wanted to say thanks

1:32:28 Charlie: Thank you Mary. Oct 16, Charlie speaking in Benton AR via Zoom as part of the Truth Tour. Charlie was told by someone it is wrong the way he teaches the sacred feminine…why do you call this feminine Mary. Mary comes from mare, Latin for the sea is mare (mar ray); Greek its Mary. The Mother Mary always has had a name and that is Mare…makes sense because the Mother is the middle way, 13 of 26, letter M is the 13th of 26. All named Mary have a sacred energy in them…balance…care and compassion…we all need to come from this same perspective…Mary had a little lamb…

To-get-her, together. Hallowed Bible vs. Holey (full of holes) Bible, feminine taken out…

Companion was spouse in those days…in many gospels that were not allowed in the Bible it says Jesus loved her (Mary Magdalene) best and kissed her upon the mouth… System of control through the birthing certificates is all about water. That’s why banking is called banking because they take us from the center flow of the river which is life and force us to the shores…deposit money…de is to take away…Jesus Christ is re; renewal, resurrection… When we hear what resonates and take action God is smiling on us. Feel the Mother when we touch the earth…the essence within us is Christ consciousness. Thanks for your courage to change. Love you.

1:39:34 Justin: Thanks Mary for being as you are. Love you.

1:39:50 Joni: QUESTION Do you think that those who won’t wake up until ‘the event’ will have a chance to go to the light and accept truth and all? Feels like yes because God is so compassionate.

1:41:16 Charlie: Agrees. A state of Grace…(more about how people should have been awake by now, are they trying not to?) Believes God is Merciful. There will be a state of Grace in the aftermath of what is revealed for people to have one last chance to repent…just because we didn’t harm the children, we are all guilty in this because we complied with a system that we knew was wrong…(expands on them getting away to Mexico). Talks about professionals (medical etc.) within this system…they will be the ones to fight this truth because it takes away their ego. Their complicity with the system makes them wicked. The worst wickedness that truly exists is simply being compliant with the system. Malcolm X said the greatest disease that plagues America is the willingness to accept what is instead of standing up and say I want what isn’t. Robert Kennedy dreams of things that aren’t and ask why; then they shot him. Also shot Malcolm X and Martin Luther King (quoted him)… The truth is not allowed to be presented. Wonderful Joni, that you trust in this state of Grace…ugly mournful period for some…last legs of the hydra…flailing about in misery and anguish…those who define themselves as society sees and defines them will struggle the most. This is the dark night of the soul; it will come when this truth is released. How is it possible or so few to commit so much wickedness? Answer is because the vast majority consented to their will. We are part of that group (expands on his experience). Salvation came when they left their lifestyle and moved to Mexico (more). Knew nothing, not religious, all came from God. Became present to receive God’s presents.

1:51:02 Justin: Sees this time period as choice. We have always had this choice but by not choosing, it was chosen for us…our complacency…once we start to have the grand reveal it is the close of one time period for making that choice. Won’t be the end of anyone who doesn’t choose righteousness prior to that. If righteousness is chosen prior to reveal, will set one apart as a leader for the next period of time…the Grace period. Expands. Those who didn’t choose prior to reveal will remain a part of the masses, won’t stand out…(more). This has been the refining period…people will have many, many chances to choose. The longer it takes to make the choice, the further they fall…

4-6% lost forever…that’s a lot of people…(expands). The more of us choosing now the better so we can help more people…reduce casualties…

1:57:02 Charlie: Nice explanation…claims no credit for gnosis…simply an example of those who put their faith in God and serve to the best of abilities. Keeps mind in the present, not planning out of own agenda; just constantly receiving…truth invigorates…

When we trust in God it means we will stop thinking…(expands). Can’t be creative when in ego in the left thinking brain…ego copies, doesn’t create…creativity is in the right hemisphere of the brain…wants us to ask questions to ease our worry; left brain. Worry is war with K. Don’t want to be at war with the balance between our two temples. Trust not worry. Fear is not needed. Let go trusting wholeheartedly in God, we’ve made it… Worry is a choice. Cast thy net to the right… It’s God’s plan… Shine our light and share as much truth as we can. Try our best.

2:05:43 Pam: QUESTION How alkaline do we need to be? What are the chakras?

Can’t get beyond 7.2 on pH.

2:07:16 Charlie: That’s perfect pH. We need to get to the middle way. Talks about Justin’s transformation going all juice; abrupt swing to the alkaline side. Don’t have to fear about being too alkaline. The optimum is in the middle; the Mother, the middle way. pH 7.3 is exactly the middle way. Not creating pockets of acidity which is harmful. Cells do 5 things: intake nutrients; excrete; intake oxygen; respire; replace themselves… If cells are healthy; they will replace themselves healthy. In a healthy body, human cells will replace themselves completely in 11 months. A slothful form requires 7 years, God’s intervention…mercy purging by God…we aren’t eating well…supermarkets after eating clean are like a shop of horrors…once mind is open, can’t go back…ingredients in processed foods are chilling…sad to see what people are buying, especially for the children…sadness for another generation to be shown the wrong way. To be food has no packaging and no ingredients. Mango is food. Bread is not food, etc. Talks about eating the combo of death; meat, dairy and eggs. Cheese is seen by the brain receptors as heroin…brain secrets devices that latch onto the cheese and the body struggles on what to do with it. Processed food is fake…fake sugar, fake flour, fake salt; colored…

held together with chemicals, treated with toxins for preservation…poison…at the very least we should be in control of what we are eating; requires knowing the truth. A food is natural. Congress in the 1970’s allowed food companies to use the word natural as a means of representing natural but is in no way is natural…for the ease of getting products into view of the consumers…intent is to make it as natural as they can but is in no way natural…Michele Obama making pizza a vegetable so it could be legally sold in schools; tomato sauce is a vegetable; therefore, pizza is a vegetable. Buy our consent we are responsible…pH 7.2 is doing everything right… test with litmus paper…most accurate put it sublingual, the underside of the tongue; give it a bit of time and it will solidify into one color and show you your pH level. Cancer is simply acidosis, the opposite of alkalinity.

2:18:40 Pam: QUESTION What about the chakras? It’s foreign to her.

2:19:07 Charlie: First thing is to be aware of what the truth is…aware of Nikola Tesla, Plato, Aristotle; people who knew, taught and spoke the truth. Tesla said everything is energy, therefore, everything is frequencies. Know while physical work is in alignment, food is at the root (base) of the chakra highway. Makes you feel that your stuck and the brain never turns off, not sleeping…Food is a doorway…Work to do to connect to God; food is at the bottom, Muladhara (1st) chakra…talks about a show in near future with Mimi, a yogini, about breathing…turn off everything that does not serve you…turn off TV etc. … (expands). If everything is frequency, means to be mindful of our frequency in every moment…C&C have shown us the movies and actors we can trust in Hollywood…shown you musicians and bands that are divinely inspired…books and literature too…JK Rawling/Harry Potter evil, No…it’s the story of the journey we go on walking the path Jesus laid out for us…Bilbo Baggins is not Jesus, walking in the footsteps of the path…CS Lewis…JRR Tolkien…surround only with that that raises our consciousness, our awareness, our frequency and that’s how we rise. Chakras are the super highway of the metaphysical realm. Spine is the physical realm…must rise through the things we can physically do starting with food…breath…sacred lovemaking.

Everything being done in a deeply authentic, personal, sacred manner…Jesus came not to save us from the Romans; He came for our sin (expands with examples). Stop sinning, be honest and aware; become authentic…surrender is required to raise charkas…(expands)…Talks about his hair changing color over the years…other personal information…showing how a clean body behaves… Taking no thought requires only surrounding yourself with that that raises you, the truth, love and that which is only light. Listen to the musical artists he’s shown us, will raise us; same with the movies shown us…examples such as reading Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia. (Expands). Go the YouTube, turn something on in the background to keep you rising, search 111 Hertz; that is the frequency of Earth given by God; the frequency of Creation…most are legit…look at nature scenes…can always tell if it is 111Hz (sounds out ohm); Ohm frequency is 111Hz…God is within our minds in the mercy seat; God is consciousness…(expands).

2:35:20 Easiest way to rid physical maladies such as headaches, stomachaches is to the ohm chant. When we do the ohm chant all of the cells within us are realigning to their original, or source, position…cells remember what they originally were, 111 Hz.

There are other beautiful and divine frequencies: 333Hz, 369Hz, 528Hz, 963Hz, 888Hz. Experiment with them because they do different things. The higher the frequency the higher part of the chakra highway, the higher part of you that it addresses. Important to go back to the base of 111Hz because that’s what will set you free. Focus on the root chakra, breathing, watch this show with Yogini Mimi Gund.

The feminine energy is what is rising within us, Mary who had a little lamb. The little lamb is that white, pure energy within us, which is the baby Jesus; as it rises, it begins to grow. That’s how Jesus grows within us. It’s why the allegory is exact, the same as, the literal story of Jesus; that Jesus lived for 33 years. Our frequency, our Christ consciousness, needs to rise up to the top of our spine; why spine has 33 vertebrae, symbolic of us living for 33 years. Raise the divinity in us to the throat chakra (5th). Through the throat chakra is where we cross out of the 5 loaves of bread and into the two fish. The two fish are used for oil…oil in your lamp means you have fish in your head…that’s raising Christ consciousness who was a fisher of men…once the third eye chakra opens, activating the pineal gland, that’s when the rock rolls within us, the fornix, and triggers the release of the crown we wear above us and we are fully illuminated.

First stop sinning. Do whatever you do with passion, love even if love isn’t given back. If they don’t reciprocate, then you have a decision to make. When we are virtuous, we rise…Mary is what needs to rise within us, the Mother…Kundalini (an eastern term) means Mother Mary that has to rise with us. Once we create virtue and kindness and love and passion within, instead of anger and frustration, … then this will set us free, sets Mary free … Jesus rises with Mary…this nursery rhyme is taught to children at an early age; we embrace the Mother to get the Father; embrace mother earth; create a calm beautiful environment within us, then our Mother Mary, Kundalini, will rise…uncoiling three and a half times because she was all twisted up inside in fear because we lived like crazed animals, 666 beastly not manly…666 that of a man… 666 i a divine number, 6 is the journey of man, 66 is the completion of that journey and 666 is the choice we make to be that of a man or a beast. If we’re 66 and that of a man then 6+6+6=18; 18is chi which is the eternal energy of life; magnetic energy; Mother Mary; eternal life. 1 and 8, 18 is 9 and 9 is divine. ‘I’ is the 9th letter of the alphabet and the small ‘i’ shows us everything; the single eye above the spine. We are a vine that has to rise, vines uncoil…don’t get caught up in the snake and its evil, NO, we are a green vine named Mary and we must rise. Churches have scared us away from this. Jesus said if our knowledge of the Bible, of God, is equal to that of a Pharisee of the church, you will never gain entrance to the kingdom of heaven… The truth is within us and we go in via the food we eat, need to be living food because God is the God of the living… can’t murder animals and eat death and expect to connect to the God of the living…Genesis 1:29, let they food be thy herbs and all of the seed bearing fruits and vegetables of this earth…Food has no packaging…Doing the work means only surrounding yourself with that which is divine and righteous and it’s going to raise you. Stop watching random TV and movies…lean of our data base of movies…Kevin Costner is okay…(expands talking about movies). When we connect to God, when we see the truth of creation, when we know that the Mother is both underneath us as the earth and within us as our central core energy, does it get any better…God is the tiffany blue sky above us and sits in the mercy seat within us…we are the most precious to God…having a master divine plan just for each of us…loves us so much…does making a putt matter… only surrounding ourselves with these truths of love and light then we see the truth and the truth is we have no problems…everything is a balance.

2:49:09 Pam: God started showing her things back in 1986, the illuminati, Disney, Catholic church…loves what she is hearing…talks about turning TV off and did the family thing, everything seemed easier then.

2:50:29 Charlie: Nothing has changed, it is as easy as back then, example, Elvis singing gospel…huge body of work…that is medicine…listening to Elvis singing gospel… Mentions other artists…divine souls putting us in frequency of singularity with God…Puts us in a different space. Resonates with us because it’s a frequency, its real medicine... When we read the titles above, its transmuting an energy to us…pure source code because it’s truth…aligning our cells…losing anger and frustration and begin to be happy inside results in the Mother feels safe to rise…Christ consciousness must rise… the optic thalamus, light of the world. The black sun is the fact that the thirteenth cranial nerve, which is in the very center innermost part of our head, is in darkness…speaks about cabal system we live in…we rise above that with frequencies... telling the Mother within us it is safe to rise…and always takes the lamb with her. Fear is the only thing that stops this process…not complicated…nothing to do but maintain alkaline body…chrism oil won’t survive an acid environment…rises 13 times a year, with each moonth…every 28 days the chrism oil is released within us. It is released at a specific time based on when you were born. It has 3 days which its created in the sacred claustrum, the Santa Clause…from the age of 12 onwards…secreting milk and honey. Half of this secretion goes to the pineal gland which is the honey and the other half goes to the pituitary gland which is the milk. Then the milk and honey go down the highway of the nadis and the nadis take this fluid all the way down to the sacral plexus (sacred place), the second chakra, and they’ve got to rise, must release her from root chakra… At the same time the claustrum is secreting the milk and honey to the pineal and pituitary gland, the solar plexus creates and drops a little egg, a psychophysical seed …half is physical and half is energy, metaphysical. The seed drops down from the solar plexus to this little indentation right at the place where our sacral plexus energy wheel is located. Look on the back side of the sacrum and see a little indentation near the top and that has always been known by the ancients as the manger. That’s why Jesus was born from Joseph and Mary in a manger on December 25; because it’s all happening within us; the story is all about what is happening within us…the miracle of creation is within us. God does this all for us, our bodies were created to do these miracles… We are miracles, all we have to do is not be acidic, create peace, love and compassion within us so the Mother feels safe to rise within us (more)… Nothing else to do but get happy and peaceful inside.

3:00:56 Justin: Discussing how to test for alkalinity: search internet for pH testing strips, may find in health food stores and sometimes in grocery stores, for testing saliva or urine. Urine will have a slightly more acidic pH than saliva. Don’t obsess over what the results are because that thought process of obsession can make you more acidic. Trust this whole process. Alkalinity is all about ease. Stop eating things that are difficult for the body to process and eat things the body was designed for so it can go into a state of ease not disease. As you transitioning, and ridding toxins, might expel toxins out of the mouth. Saliva can be acidic at times because of this…trust the process. We have to trust God, not worrying, thinking, doing every which way. During detox you may smell bad. As we eat cleaner, we will dispel toxins. Not the same for everyone. What Charlie speaks of is ideal conditions, after going through a period of detoxing, which can be quite severe…trust…be honest with ourselves…trust that God has each of us in the right space, hearing what is needed to be heard, up to us to integrate the information…

Ask what we are holding onto; where are these attachments; what am I unwilling to let go of; what are these habits I picked up along the way; what patterns are serving and not serving me…one by one let those things go. pH testing is a variable to consider, not the be all end all. May vary a lot during the healing process…

3:06:15 Brian Gonzales: Relating to Charlie’s intro: Brian attended the University of Southern California (USC), where the George Lucas School of Cinematography is. Notable alumni include Will Ferrell, George Lucas, Ron Howard, Daryl Hannah who co-starred with Tom Hanks, LeVar Burton, Forest Whitaker, Lily Collins, Tom Selleck, Kyra Sedgwick, Anthony Edwards and OJ Simpson. USC known as Southern Cal, and changed their logo to SC. When Charlie said SC TV, connected dots. Then looked at the SCTV, Second City TV, alumni and found Eugene Levy, John Candy, Harold Ramos, Dan Akroyd, Alan Arkin, Chris Farley, Gilda Radner, Amy Poehler, Bill Murray, Ed Grimley, Fred Willard, Alan Alda, and Joan Rivers. Connections…lots of good folks associated with George Lucas and Ron Howard that attended that school.

3:09:32 Charlie: That’s great and thank you for the clarification, SC not UCLA. S is 19, surrender to God and C is 3, the Holy Trinity, and 19+3=22; the master number for the sacred feminine. So SCTV is the Sacred Feminine TV network. ‘Ed Grimley’ which is Martin Short, another divine angel. When the live musical Godspell came to Canada in 1971, the people who were playing in that production, a lot of them make up the SCTV troupe…connected to God…Freemasons…Free the Mothers Son…connected to the Knights Templar…organizations that swore oaths to ‘keep it secret, keep it safe’; they protect the bloodline; they keep the truth alive; that’s why they are the ones that infiltrated the artistic industries…connected by the brotherhood of Freemasonry…don’t be scared by these terms. We think OJ Simpson is bad? Oh! wait for the reveal…the OJ trial…who was involved…are they dead? (more) ...nope…designed to gage where we are, a teaching tool, historical nugget to remind us that the whole world can be consumed by one thing that is not even true and people define themselves by this; black/white etc. and none of it even happened…actors found at IMBd….we will be amazed when the truth comes out. OJ Simpson trial…we all know where we were, how old, etc. and none of it was real…wonderful to see where we are at, where we’ve been and where we need to get to…will see we have to stoop trusting in the hands of man…

C&C take no credit, it all goes to God…ego can’t be present…penitent…realize it’s impossible without God…no ego involved when tapping into your genius self when you are connected to God because you realize it all comes from God…we’ve been so asleep for so long…how did we not see this…gratitude to God for giving us time to grow. Don’t be afraid of this, the group working have been Freemasons.

3:16:58 Speaker: FEAR: forget everything and run or face everything and rise. Matthew 6:14 and that is forgive and thou shall be forgiven.

3:16:37 Charlie: That is so true. With every situation in life we have a choice…like with fear…fear nothing when you walk with God…wearing the armor of God means nothing can harm you…not a physical armor it is a metaphysical energy…imagined under a protective dome…prayers for us from C&C…walking with God means you trust God…we attract what we need and immediately repulse what we don’t…no thinking involved…thinking stops magnetism from occurring…so simple…nourish with only what aids us. 111Hz frequency is our core energy; oneness with God.

3:19:17 Justin: Let this show continue to an inspiration for finding yourself…cultivating that…not here to get a job and just live and die in the ways we’ve been told. We are here to live and to experience and to be this perfect representation of God’s eternal love and wisdom. Let these shows be an inspiration for us to live instead of the mindset of ‘living for these shows’… Don’t base our life on something in the out there…


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