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  • Justin Carpenter

Charlie Freak Q+A 10-JAN-2023

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Justin Carpenter

with Charlie Freak Q&A

January 10, 2023

5:30 Charlie addresses some accusations from Negative 48 channel and clears the air.

21:23 Roberta Paitz - Are the White Hats saving seeds and if so when will we be able to access them?

43:17 Kromeo (Ryan) - We teach our four-year-old Luna about teaching her about Christ within us and about the firmament we have also been teaching her about proper Etymology, Born Day, HappyRising, so my question is what words should we be teaching the kids at their most critical age of learning ?

1:16:16 Christopher Curley - What are your thoughts on Plant medicinals?

1:40:05 Merry Mary Mag J - Why Why is it that kids go against their Intuition I eat flesh of another creature Even though everything within them says they shouldn’t do this?

2:24:28 - Also could be that we give them a purée of mashed stuff from the start and just put it in their mouth and maybe they loose the sense of rejecting because they cannot distinguish what is in the mash And its making them addicted without them even choosing.


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Paulie W
Paulie W
Jan 12, 2023

Imagine all the pastures of the world being fruit and veg, we will be giving it away for free and wont even be able to get it all eaten before it rots! yay X X

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