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Charlie Freak Q+A 06-SEP-2022

Notes provided by Nancy J. Thanks Nancy!

Q&A with Charlie Freak and Justin Carpenter Sep 6, 2022

INTRODUCTION Justin talks about Sep 5, 2022 Trump rally. Administrative reminders.

Telegram scammer clarification.

5:59 Charlie: Trump dropped lots of comms for gematria…plan in motion. Movement

connectivity to God.

7:19 Justin: Suggests watching rally speech. Note patterns, Q phrases, etc.

9:29 Tracy: QUESTION Would Charlie decode Psalm 23.

10:45 Charlie: Short passages = every word counts. The compilation of the Bible is

genius. A journey always going from apprentice to master. Never become the

Master…explains. 14:11 Charlie: DECODE OF PSALM 23 [these are my brief notes ~ nj]

Holistically designed; 23 = I Am. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. If I become

a shepherd, in m y own way, those that come to me shall not want. Learn my lessen

well, God is our shepherd – Pass it forward…(lots more)

16:53 He maketh me lie down in green pastures (Mother). Surrounded by truth…

He leadeth me beside still waters…Mother, level, stationary, stillness and silence (level

earth). Chaos is the world (more). Waters within us. When we trust in the Mother;

recognize the stillness and silence within. It’s the connection to God. Yoga-Meditation

(more). Kingdom of Heaven is within, Heaven cannot be taken by force; rage/chaos

within (more). Listen for the wisdom of God. God already knows what we need.

20:40 He restores my soul…He leads me in paths of righteousness…No temptation

comes from God; it comes from the world of man (more). Go to God (our

effort)…oneness with the Mother brings stillness and silence, then kindness and virtue

(1st verse…). Those who cling to me shall never want.

22:50 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…

Ultimate goal is to become the Bodisatva. When we raise Christ within us) that’s is

walking through the valley of the shadow of death)…Light is life…God of the Living

(more). When you walk with God there is no fear.

25:00 Charlie describes physical egoic strength. Muscle is heavy – fills with acid

quickly. A horse is the true athlete. Become like the horse, swift and fast (more). When

we walk with God, therein lies our strength. When we are filled with God, we are

alkaline. Humility. Expands on this. Shadow of death (this illusionary world). Walk with

God through the world.

30:50 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies and Thou

anoint my head with oil. My cup runs over. Table = Life. Table of God always abundant.

God and Mother Earth are abundant all the time, expands. Disease, locusts, are just

thoughts., When walking with God-no locusts. Man gives limitations, not God. Level full

table from God. In front of enemies, so they see. Head bathed in sacred oil of God – an

inside process to raise Christ within. Become a shepherd because that’s what Christ

was…we are His flock (more) … until cup runs over, the well…

34:00 Sacred fluids…Purple rain (healing oil of Christ). Color of Christ changes as we

rise (more). pH green is the mid-level way. Raise to blue to magenta…

34:44 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell

in the House of the Lord forever. Because you’ve done the work – raised the Mother by

lying down ibn green pastures; Mother is Mercy/Grace/Goodness (surely goodness &

mercy…) Because of lying in green pastures (more) … Because He leads me beside

still waters (within – meditation); we are lifted from the physical realm into the

metaphysical realm of infinite possibilities. Psalm 23 show how to become ‘I Am”.

Psalms (oldest books) teaches Jesus Christ. The night sky showed that Christ would

come (more)…This is the process of becoming virtuous (raising the chrism oil within).

Then the head is anointed with Christ’s oil and there our cup runs over.

36:55 Explains Swastika. Hitler’s use of the swastika was a symbol of cup running over

us with oil.

37:40 The truth is I Am, Psalm 23.

38:05 Justin: Hitler wasn’t an evil man (more). Beware of pushing false narratives.

Help to restore Hitler’s name.

39:45 Eugene: QUESTION Please comment on JFK’s quote about Hitler and the

Olympic athlete Jesse Owens.

39:55 Justin: JFK said Hitler will go down in history as the most misunderstood person

in history (more) about Jesse Owens treatment – better in Germany than in America…

40:50 Charlie: Clarifying about Jesse Owens and racism…treatment after winning

Olympic gold medal; all black athletes praised German treatment of them, said they

were treated like heroes during their stay at Olympics in Germany…lifelong friendships.

Came home to slavery…(more)

44:45 Talks about time before JFK quote from his diary…Talks about JFK diary in

2020…reads from diary.

47:00 Describing Swastika…

47:27 QUESTION about Hitler’s daughters.

47:43 Charlie: Hitler had at least 2 daughters – if more and who they are – don’t know.

No way of knowing the truth at this point – many rumors/opinions. Do know that Hitler

and Eva Braun’s relationship was sacred…Kept secret from German public…thought it

may diminish his dedicated role as the (physical) Father of the country (more). Be

cautious about rumors now.

50:00 Jodi: QUESTION about teeth sensitivity on the 21st day of juice fast.

50:27 Charlie: this is common in the fallout of detoxification…it’s just detoxing;

everything comes to the mouth, When you are taking that which is alkaline, you cannot

be causing harm t any part of you…(more). Santos Bonacci reference – frugivore for 9

years and still detoxing (all that Italian food)…(more). It is always our level of comfort

and choice, Life is alkaline, death is acid.

53:52 Jodi: QUESTION about taking Sole, the Himalayan salt.

54:25 Justin: Speaks on detox and the process…discomfort can be interpreted as

harm…know where we are in the process…use baking soda to wash teeth to

alleviate…too fast detox can cause problems. Suggests joining Reknow’s telegram

chat, Healing is a Feeling, Mondays at noon EST…(more).

58:00 Jodi: Taking Sole for reflex issues. Bodies create their own salts – so

QUESTION about all this.

58:35 Eugene: Sodium bicarbonate – don’t want to be constantly ingesting it, same for

salt…(more). Body needs minerals (more) from non-hybrid plants. More on detox.

Building from a clean slate.

1:00:33 Justin: Agrees as an approach. Discusses real issues involved with detox and

family space (more). Process will be different for everyone, Still must break down the

body built on poison and build it up with truth. Contact Eugene for help with how to heal


1:03:10 Charlie: Speaks about types of individuals and commitment to detox. He’s an

overdrive person, goes right to the objective. Eugene and Justin do middle approach

(expands). Liars bring doubt. Talks about Justin’s journey…(more). There’s one path –

how we achieve it is individual

1:06:55 Charlie: ANSWER ABOUT SALT. The body is a salt factory…can’t hurt

yourself with natural salts but may not really need them. Shares his experience with

sodium bicarbonate. Salt based minerals…body knows what to do. Too much salt –

drink lots of water to expel it. We are our own science experiment. The cleansed self will

create all the salts we need, Fasting is so important…designed to our individual

DNA…cancers gone after 3-day fast and went to living foods. Cancer wont exist in an

alkaline body (more). Balance = absence of sickness. Pierre Beauchamp referenced.

(Expands). The ultimate water and food is within us.

1:12:58 Eugene: Talks about ingesting natural to correlate with ones DNA…Salt

cleanses and colonics are discouraged (more).

1:14:10 Real plants – Iontophoresis (only way its biodegradable) … More…

1:14:56 Charlie: Follow-up on synthetic nutrition…Not biodegradable (more).

Synthetics/acid may work against us (more).

1:16:15 Psalm 23 Comments. Talks about King Fu TV series (1972-1975). David

Carradine…YouTube. Strength comes from our Faith, our Commitment to God.

1:19:19 Whitefeather: QUESTION Asks for a pep talk to continue doing the work.

Talks about her situation…family doesn’t take in anything she shares. Labor Day with

family was very hard to keep still. Feels alone ad judged.

1:24:46 Charlie: Thanks for the courage to share; many people share this feeling.

Talks about leaving the path we’re on to follow the truth. The chosen (Nicodemus)

reference…Beautiful explanation concerning worship of modern science as the new

religion…only sickness and disease, no health in system…ancient wisdom, Ghandi, true

hero is one who celebrates the truth…minority of one…the few who maintain the Light

of Truth…God is deeply committed to all of us…we are being carried by God now…

Doing the work in the face of adversity is when God boosts us upon his shoulders. We

are never alone when we do this process. Our job is to keep truth close (way more).

Beware of those who practice spiritual wickedness in high places.

1:36:24 Eugene: Relates to family situation. Dad is a doctor and talks about how he

handles it… Task is to recover more souls than his father’s way has lost. Lighthouse

analogy…weakness is a strength…alone is all one (more). Can’t change others…use

what is put against us to our advantage…God has us right where he wants us.

1:40:14 Justin: Reach out to any one of us in this community. We all are going through

this…others are terrified of us because they have to confront their own darkness…they

prefer to attack something and someone outside themselves.

1:43:20 Roseanne: QUESTION. About her DNA with 5% Levantine (Lavant area)?

1:45:02 Charlie: Levant history associated with Aryan traditions, Tartarian

architecture, might be something with that. Main thing is simply innerstand who we are

has little to do with genealogy…another great lie, necessary to destroy women’s lives

with the notion of breast cancer being hereditary (more). We have the capacity to be the

captain of our own vessel, given by God. Why would God create pain and suffering by

giving us free will if genealogy is the way and that who you are is predetermined based

on your ancestors? Who came up with this? It ties in perfectly with the notion of original

sin the Catholics pushed on us…monstrous men who hate women and want to control

everything…pure evil. They came up with this notion about genes…wearing of blue

jeans! All genealogy is a blueprint of how we come out. It is built by

God and takes into account parents DNA…necessary going back many years where

men were constantly questioning the parentage of their children, doubting the chastity of

their wives…a mercy from God that we have a resemblance of our parents. DNA is a

blueprint for how we look. RNA is a gene sequencer that allows DNA to play out from a

theory to reality. Everything else is epi-genetical. Epi is above, above the DNA. Above

the lining of the cell is our environment. Whatever we put in there is what we become

like. 100% of who we are is determined by the choices we make, or if we capitulate to

others, is what others determine we have…most childhoods look like this (more).

Connecting to play, dreams and imagination as a child gets pushed away in society;

switched top chasing the dollar. Remember we are not pre-determined by our genes. It

happens because we have the same habits…then we pay the price; disease. Expands.

Everything comes through the Mother Earth. Our true father is God, our true Mother is

Earth. Every problem in our life is caused by the hands of man.

1:55:10 Justin: DNA is the code to convert what we are, light/energy, to physical form;

just information. We are constantly changing our DNA based on our decisions; what we

consume, our thoughts, etc. Layers within our DNA, changes throughout life…cabal

uses our trauma to exploit us…junk DNA…not functioning at highest potential. Release

it with the shadow work etc. Physically and metaphysically. As we release this we are

changing our DNA. Infinite information translated to physical form.

1:57:57 WRAP-UP Charlie: Miracle of God is free will. Ultimate gift that needs to be

given back. Say to God, I choose you; my happiness is when I’m aligned with you so I

give my free will back to you God. When we forsake the world of the hands of man, the

lies, God is aware of that moment and then we begin to change taking only that which

nourishes us…our DNA will switch back on, we change looks, mentally, spiritually, etc.

Fear is ugly, beauty is the absence of fear, the here and now. How we activate all of our

DNA is by taking that only which comes from God. Deny the out there world, the hands

of man, only allowing God, everything will open up within us. Great change will occur.

Miracles are entirely dependent on the work we do. Choose wisely. How willing, ready

and able are we? Watch for stubborn ego.

Justin: God never left us.


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Adriana Parente
Adriana Parente
Sep 09, 2022

Same here regarding brave. Can you share an audio link somewher?


Debra Andrews - Ullaury
Debra Andrews - Ullaury
Sep 07, 2022

Not able to open link. Even with Brave

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