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Charlie Freak Q+A 04-OCT-2022

iPhone loading issues resolved! If you had issues getting these to load before, please try again as I believe I have resolved the issue. iPhones do not recognize ".OGG" file types which is what telegram uses. So I've converted to mp3 and should work just fine now.

Timestamps provide by Nancy J. Thanks Nancy!

Timestamps for Q&A with Charlie Freak and Justin Carpenter Oct 4, 2022

3:45 Charlies shares about the series “Taboo”

16:00 Charlie explains Casting Thy Net to the Right

18:45 Film Industry

30:55 Q/A about overwhelming feelings.

43:10 Q/A Feeding Cats and Charlie’s Chickpea flour recipe

1:00:00 Ivermectin for Cats

1:02:25 Ridding Cockroaches

1:07:53 Q/A Personal journey of the one story

Q plan operative?

1:25:00 Etymology [link]

1:30:16 Charlie explains the meaning of the numbers 1-9

1:47:11 Difference between large and small case letters

1:49:14 Justin speaks on the Hero’s Journey

1:54:00 Justin continues after lost connection

2:00:47 Charlie on gematria of penitent

Mary Had a Little Lamb explained

True names of the Days of the Week with explanation

2:22:55 Justin removing blockages

2:28:00 Charlie speaks about Tom Hanks

Expanded notes also provided by Nancy J


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