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  • Justin Carpenter

Bridging the Gap: Different Perspectives

This "Bridging the Gap" episode will be slightly different, but all in the same realm. A gap has emerged between Harry and Justin and this will be a good opportunity to speak about it openly and respectfully for all to hear. Many of you have heard Harry's recent perspectives around some of the main characters surrounding "Sound of Freedom", painting them in a questionable (at best) light. Even alluding to evil intentions. Justin has a completely different stance on this. Many have asked Justin "do you think Tim Ballard, Jim Caveizel or Mel Gibson are bad or were bad in any way?" And the answer is a resounding no, not in the slightest. But as I stated, Harry has taken another stance on this and has put out videos declaring otherwise. So we're going to discuss these two opposing perspectives and the gap that exists in a respectful manner, and just put it all out on the table.


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