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  • Justin Carpenter

Justin Carpenter Guest Q+A 18-DEC-22

This was a great show where we went over some wonderful questions! See timestamps below video for what was covered.

Timestamps provided by Lyndee. Thank you!

Awaken Freedom Thinkers

w/ guest Justin Carpenter

December 18,2022

1:17 Human Design explanation

7:43 Witness protection program/ who’s alive

15:55 Trans actors/actresses

18:20 Fauci a white hat?

24:47 Trudeau a white hat? Canada

27:00 Reveals to the public

28:18 Vax sheading/Spike proteins/graphene oxide

30:50 Germ Theory/Terrain theory/Detox symptoms

36:38 Soul contracts/V deaths/Stats

42:58 Explanation of Gematria

51:50 Vaccine deaths/fear contributing to frequencies/deaths

53:53 Shifting of the planet/energetic shifting

58:20 Shared Gematria story

59:40 Gematria Calculators

1:02:08 Ascension symptoms/shifting our food/expressing toxin suggestions/solstice challenge

1:12:00 Feeling alone process/breaking toxic family cycles

1:23:10 Mourning loss of friendships and family due to awake

1:30:05 symptoms of extreme fatigue/tired/sleeping

1:31:50 Detox symptoms/flushing/enemas

1:45:46 Gematria equation shared

1:47:45 Fasting/detox testimony/change in smell and taste

1:51:01 Monoatomic gold benefits

1:53:00 Grounding/sun gazing

2:09:45 Truth about Alcohol

2:23:22 Truth about marijuana/benefits

2:34:57 EBS Scare event updates

2:39:15. Flat earth explanation


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