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Vampire and Witch Hunters...

We've seen the concepts of vampires and witches, but what do these actually represent? Are these just fabrications for story-telling or are the concepts based on reality? Unfortunately, these concepts chillingly real. Not that there are biological vampires and witches, but the behavior they represent is very real... They represent the satanic path... striving to gain power through dark magic spells (mind control through media) and blood rituals (adrenochrome, spirit cooking). So in this show, we went through several movies where these monsters are portrayed and our call to action to address this problem. We must realize that this monstrous tendency exists within... all stemming from any immoral act, even down to the tiniest lie. So we must begin there. And as we address the inner work, God will present the outer work to do. We must ensure these demonic patterns are addressed, both within and without... And any that fall fully into this satanic path where they are harming children are systemically removed from this plane...


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