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  • Justin Carpenter

The Greatest Lie Ever Told ~ That Jesus Christ is NOT One of Us...

Posting this extra special show here because I was just provided an absolutely amazing set of notes to go along with it, courtesy of Lorraine! Thank you so much Lorraine... This is amazing. Notes are included in the attachment below the video. From Charlie Freak: "Jesus of Nazareth was NOT the only Son created by God, and Not a Man, rather a Scion of God Himself, but rather a MAN that dedicated His Life to DOING THE WORK so that He could come to KNOW God, Face-to-Face, as Jacob did, in a Place called Pineal…

Jesus of Nazareth is the SON OF MAN because He represents one of the Few who became CHRISTED, which is a Title bestowed upon those who become Spiritual Masters, and NOT a Name…this is why Jesus taught in the New Testament that WE would come to do greater things than He, and of course, that means that we too would Rise Up into the Kingdom of Heaven just as he did, even easier than He, because HE came and SHOWED US THE WAY…

When we hear this phrase, the Way of Jesus Christ, it is important to know that the Way of Jesus is a WAY of Life, in fact, THE Way of Life, by realizing that WE are the Prodigal Sons and Daughters, LOST from God, and desperately in Need of being FOUND…and to be Found, or Born Again, we MUST Walk the Path of the Strait and Narrow Way, which is to NOT SIN, and do everything in our Life thru VIRTUE…and to do this, it takes TRUST in both God and the Way of Jesus Christ, and this is the Leap of Faith, as God is the Metaphysical Realm, which cannot be Seen, Tasted and Touched, rather only EXPERIENCED by going DEEP Within ourselves, in Stillness and Silence (as God is), via Meditation, to truly Know God…

And Tonight we will expose ALL of the Religious Lies about Jesus Christ AND Mary of Magdala, and reveal the WHOLE Truth of who and what the Lord and Lady Christ truly represent, by how they Lived their Lives and what they chose to share with us…thus, we will Expose the Greatest Lie Ever Told, and reveal the Greatest Truth that there is…that Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala are Quite Real, and that they became TWIN FLAMES before God, as they LIT the Way for all those who CHOOSE TO SEE, to come to Know God Face-to-Face..."

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From Charlie Freak:

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