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  • Justin Carpenter

How do the Chakras Relate to the Bible?

I got a wonderful question below concerning how to connect the chakras and ascension to biblical truth... The Bible is just the story of us! Our human physiology and our this spiritual battle between left and right brain... All to find balance... Christ is balance... I answered with some good resources to introduce the topic that I wanted to pass along here as well 😊 "Hi Justin, I was just introduced to your content by a sweet friend of mine. I am impressed by some things I have seen so far on your site. I wanted to reach out because I am a Bible-reading, Death burial resurrections-believing, born-again Christian, and I wanted to ask if you can provide me some more biblical references and passages for me to do some my own research on, in regards to your talk about chakras and alignment? I have always been taught that the ideas of ascension and such was a new-age belief system that didn’t align biblically. Your site is the first time I’ve seen this being explained in connection biblical details and am intrigued. I appreciate your time" And here's my answer:

Here's more of a read that lays it out well

And I'd highly recommend going through the book referenced above "God Man: The Word Made Flesh" by George Carey An incredible show on the topic: Another good one with both Charlie Freak (from video above) and Santos Bonacci (who did the website writeup first linked) Did you happen to see the Bible decode series we did? We go over the book of Matthew and then the book of Revelation in the 2nd half of the series. Lots of good stuff there, but please forgive the audio quality at times... I've also watched most of this series and found it to be quite helpful: This one is fantastic on generally the lies organized "christianity" (not about Christ at all...) tries to tell:


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