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Exploring Beyond the Veil: How Loved Ones are Angels Guiding us Home - Stephen Simon

Stephen Simon, renowned for producing the Oscar-Award winning film "What Dreams May Come," which starred Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr., also played a pivotal role in creating the movie "Somewhere in Time," featuring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Both films explore themes beyond the veil of perceived physical reality and the boundaries of life and death.

These themes became much more personal to Stephen when in January 2018, his cherished wife, Lauren, passed away suddenly. However, in the wake of this seeming loss, Stephen experienced something extraordinary: communication from his wife from the other side... Their connection transcended physical existence, leading them to co-author the touching book "What Dreams Have Come: Loving Through The Veil." This heartfelt work celebrates the enduring and intense relationship they've established since her passing.

As we all begin to realize our infinite nature beyond this physical body, Stephen and Lauren shine as examples of how deep connection goes, with truly no limits. Lannette and Justin are beyond thrilled to welcome him to a beautiful conversation on this topic, to explore the common mission of igniting mankind and the divine connection within.

To find Stephen and Lauren's book or find more information, please visit:


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