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Charlie Freak Q+A 11-JUL-2023 - Moving in Alignment, Symbology, Spiritual Realm

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Charlie Freak Q+A 11-JUL-23 Time Stamps

Introduction. It is time to choose a side, good or evil, choose wisely. Sitting on the fence or being wishy washy is

choosing evil; and a lot more, worth a listen.

Scammers still out there, beware and be smart, no one from this space will be asking you about your financial

information. Look out on all social media, i.e. facebook etc.

Call for show notes and video clips.

11:55 Charlie’s Intro. The vast majority of people are the living dead. The majority of people believe we’re born to

live 65-70 years and die. They are wrong. The most important truth is that life is a choice and if you wish life,

you must celebrate life and you must live life, not death. The majority of people are still death eaters, eating

animals. Taking their children and torturing them… The animals know what is happening. We know this is the truth;

the majority just don’t want to hear it. The moment that you take life from something that was living, death

immediately sets upon it. Slaughterhouses are filled with microbacteria that feasts on what was. Participants in this

industry are murderers. We have become the disease upon this earth, the virus. We are supposed to aid all that need

us, being the pinnacle of God’s creation; standing up for life. God is the God of the living. Let the dead bury the dead.

We exist to live, the opposite is evil. We all have a choice to make in the coming weeks. This is judgement time. This

is the end of linear time. Hell is purgatory, a weigh station, you stay in your hell-loop until you learn to innerstand what

you did was so grievously wrong and then come to forgive yourself.

[Discussion of the SAD breakfast]

There are no two ways about this, judgement day is upon us. It is never too late to stop this insanity. Say no to death

and say yes to life. We are frugivores! Our job is to be of good health, good mind and good spirit, so

everywhere we go we go with purpose and focus and in health so that we can continue to save lives. The

judgement is out of love and mercy, the karma that has been reaping us is there out of love and to help show you

what you’re doing is wrong. Just say no to evil, etc. No to anything that is artificial and trust in God. So, choose

whatever you choose and what will come to you is out of love. When you get to the point that all you want to do is

help others then this diseased ridden earth will change. All there is, is NOW, not linear time. We must unite two

worlds into one. The trick is in our name. Our name is mankind so, the cipher, the key, the answer to all things is

aways kindness. If you want to change the world, if you want to change your life, start out of kindness. One single act

of random kindness at a time and you will build a pyramid upon which the all-seeing eye of God will sit upon high, co￾creating with your eye to save this diseased world and to give back to Mother Earth. Choose wisely because this is

the moment to be judged. For all of us, regardless of what we’ve done in the past, it doesn’t matter. All without

faith will take issue with this. Don’t get stuck in the hell loop. Jesus makes such a massive point to forgiveness and

the importance of us to forgive our neighbors who trespassed against us. Those who judge invite judgement into their

lives from God. Let he amongst you who is sinless cast the first stone. It’s about forgiveness, it doesn’t matter what

you’ve done, it’s who you are NOW, that matters. Jesus shows so many times in the New Testament; the true

heroes of this world are those that can change and mean it, now, regardless of who you work for, regardless of what

you did before, what matters is now because now is eternity. Have forgiveness in your heart now for yourself. Have

forgiveness in your heart for all of our brothers and sisters, even the most wicked of us because none of us are born

wicked or evil. All of us are pure and innocent children. [speaks about Obama and Bill Gates] Keep an open heart to

all, in the name of love. Random acts of kindness with nothing attached to them pleases the Divine. We’ve been

tricked into a system that looks out for #1 [us] instead of looking out for #1 [God]. We just got the wrong 1. Looking

out for ourselves [disease ridden physical life] is the wrong 1. Looking out for the 1 who is All and through Him is all

life, is the right 1. And then your 1 aligns with His 1 and your 1 is healed. Everything is energy, a frequency; so turn

your dial to 107.1 and tune in to God.

When wearing the armor of God you are immune to any kind of attack. The manna from heaven is within you.

Moving in Alignment

54:16 QUESTION I’m being called to move closer to my kids and the resources and the way has not been shown to

me in the time window I would like. I’ve not been shown any action plans for this move. How can I get clear on Divine

action when the calling is so strong in my heart?

56:40 Charlie’s Response


1:25:15 QUESTION I would like expansion on the sacred sex video, from the company Thelema productions which

was the name of Allistar Crowley’s sex cult, was wondering about that, and maybe expand on the etymology of

Thelema and where you came into some of your philosophies, maybe talk about Santos Bonacci. I am curious to the

origins of some of that.

1:26:25 Charlie’s Response

Spiritual Realm

2:002:02 QUESTION I am trying to learn more about soul drop-ins, as before you have told me that I am one. I’ve

also been told that souls don’t pass on to the next dimension, we stay here until we get things right, and its possible

he is a toddler right now. Its more of a transfer of consciousness. Also, my husband has been very actively

communicating with me electronically since he passed. Is it possible for him to live in multiple dimensions at one time

as I feel him with me so strongly?

2:13:15 Charlie’s Response

Charlie Freak Q+A 11-JUL-2023
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From Charlie Freak:

"Please remember friends that Colleen and I take care of 60+ Animals here at our Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary, if you can comfortably afford to donate a little towards the costs of caring for our precious Family, we would greatly appreciate it...if you cannot afford to help, you can help in other ways, including sending us your Intentions of Love, of Strength and of can send a monetary donation to:


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Jul 30, 2023

I love the movie Charlie mentioned "Heaven Can Wait" One of my favorite movies. Always love finding all of you. Nice job Justin. This Podcast was amazing as usually. I know where to go now. Love Amber


Jul 23, 2023

Charlie you do such amazing work and it's changed my life in so many brilliant ways. Yet please follow the teachings in Matthew 5. Especially verse 22. Calling people stupid is not supportive of the teachings. It offends people & turns them away and worse, it's your ego that causes you to behave in that way. Read chapter 5 out lout each day and let the lessons in that chapter come into your habits. I'm going to take the beam out of my eye by making videos too so I am sure I will be in for all kinds if lessons Much love to you our treasure.💚

Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter
Jul 23, 2023
Replying to

Noticing a pattern with you continually trying to tell others what to do. I'd examine why you feel such a need to control others - this is the same energy that ultimately fuels the cabal, always trying to control others. As I stated in another comment that I'm not sure if you read "This perspective you've shared also aligns with the misconceptions around jesus being a pushover pacifist, which is exactly what the limited writings about this man are intended to falsely portray by the church." Charlie is passionately speaking because people are ignorantly choosing to cling to lies. Ignorance is a choice. If people get offended because their ignorance is called out, that's their choice to be that way. But…

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